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New miracles, items, and actions for Weird Frontiers!

Wayward Gazette is a series of dime novel zines that are compatible with the Weird Frontiers RPG. They contain supplemental rules, new character classes, and equipment. Each zine will be B/W, A5 size (5.83inX8.27in) and approximately 22 pages.

Wayward Studios–the folks bringing you From Out of Gnollwhere–are back, this time with a series of five zines dedicated to the Weird Frontiers rule set. Dubbed the Wayward Gazette, each ashcan-sized booklet offers new items, actions, miracles, tales, heroes or backgrounds for a particular character class within Weird Frontiers (excepting Tales from the Trail, which presents a series of one-shot scenarios ready for immersion into any existing WF campaign). Snag one or grab ‘em all: Wayward Studios is hankerin’ to make your weird west tales just a li’l bit more peculiar!

  • In Gunslingers: Shooter’s Bonanza, we’ve got a plethora of uncanny shots, trail companion (horse and dog) tricks and hats of extraordinary impact!
  • Meanwhile, Luchadores: Glory Abounds! offers new spirit mask powers, expanded signature moves, a new optional rule (the Lucha Grapple Showdown!) and a host of legendary Lucha heroes and heels–each with their own Legendary Signature Move!
  • In Mystic Monks: Fists of Fury! you’ll find Deadly Secrets of the Mystic Monks–a pile o’ new martial arts maneuvers for the monk to spend their Chi die on. And if these aren’t enough to sate you, we’ve got a whole pile o’ enchanted items for the monkly types, just in from the Far East!
  • Then, in Revelator: Oh Holy Day! there’s enough new Miracles to bring to the Light even the most powerful force of Darkness. And for them needin’ that extra li’l hitch in their giddyup, Virtuous Vestments & Blessed Booty is chock full o’ saintly bits, bobs and even a wafer or two.
  • Finally, Tales From the Trail offers a bevy of short, one-shot style scenarios a Judge can drop in to any ongoing Weird Frontiers campaign. Work chew up too much of your time and you didn’t get your prep done? Need an extra hour or two for the weekend’s session? Or just want to add some variety to your tale? Here’s your resource!

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