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Fully-funded on Kickstarter, The Quarry is a 0-Level adventure, or what the cool kids are calling a “funnel”. This lead-in module is compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics and also includes a fast and easy 5E conversion system for use with your game.

A 0-level adventure is a fun way to play your characters’ backstories. No more lone-wolf orphans! Players start with 4 regular people, spectacularly unsuited to adventuring life, thrust into a circumstance they alone can fix. Sure, some of those regular folks will be lost along the way, but by the end of the adventure your players will know and love whomever has survived, and they’ll be ready to take them to Level 1 warts and all.

Doom arrived for the Quarryfolk through a hole struck in the quarry wall.

From this rent a sinuous mist issued forth settling like a caul on the stoneworks. At first Masons piled rocks as it widened, but tendrils seeped through any gap, dislodging stone, and crumbling the mortar set to bar its way.

Under this clutching mist dangerous jobs turned deadly. Many tried to endure these new privations, but they were struck down by a rheumy consumption and departed. Now only the most desperate Quarryfolk remain eking out a living supplying the adventurers who seek the Quarry Owner’s rich reward for banishing the mist. 

None of these adventurers returned and the mist remained. 

Now as winter draws in, necessity has overcome fear and those few desperate souls, armed with little more than the clothes on their back, resolve to re-enter the quarry, vanquish the mist, and claim the reward for themselves.

This is the tale of the last Quarryfolk. 

You get an 8.5″ x 11″, fully illustrated, 32 page book. Inside it you’ll find:

  • the adventure
  • a fast and easy 5E conversion system
  • a random character generation chart
  • a unique illustrated character sheet
  • an inanimate objects saving throw table
  • a new patron
  • 3 new spells
  • new monsters
  • witch bottles (what’s that?)

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