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Martian Crawl Classics: A Zine Quest Sourcebook for MCC RPG

New from Tim Snider comes Martian Crawl Classics, a sourcebook for the Mutant Crawl Classics role-playing game from Goodman Games that asks, “What if H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds was the cause of MCC’s Great Disaster?” This sourcebook runs with this premise, positing the the Martian invasion decimated mankind before the invaders died off due to susceptibility to Earth’s bacteria. What would the remnants of society be like? What kind of twisted mutations would arise from exposure to the invader’s Black Smoke and Red Weed? Do the Martian war machines still function? And did the Martians truly die off — or are they merely hiding until the time is right for the Second Invasion?

Martian Crawl Classics is a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2-inch zine with color cover (seen above) and black and white interior. Current plans are for a 24-page booklet, but it could grow past that point depending on artwork and additional materials. And speaking of materials, here’s what’s currently within:

  • A description of the current state of the World of Martian Crawl Classics, combining elements from the original 1895 novel, the 1938 radio production, the classic 1953 sci-fi film, and other versions of the classic tale of otherworldly invasion!
  • Several types of Martians, statted up and ready to continue the invasion! The tripod-piloting centurions, the preternatural overlords, and the savage hounds all vie to retake this new world!
  • The Martian’s terraforming Red Weed and poisonous Black Smoke have triggered even more mutations throughout Terra A.D.! And what twisted aberrants have evolved from these genetic poisons?
  • Martian equipment to scavenge! Will your Seekers be able to wield the otherworldly Death Ray or learn to pilot one of the massive tripods?
  • A mini-adventure placing the Seekers on the front lines of The Second War of the Worlds!
  • And that’s just for starters! There will likely be more material added as the campaign continues, so stay tuned for details…

Fully-funded, pledge with confidence!

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