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An endless dive into a Mega-Dungeon—chases a man who dared to touch a god! A paranoid, conspiracy laden, Level 1-6+ DCC-compatible adventure

A paranoid, conspiracy laden, 400 page (pending layout) adventure for Levels 1-6+ for Dungeon Crawl Classics. A Town with Problems, a trek through the Woods, a crawl across The Capitol, and an endless dive into a Mega-Dungeon—chasing a man who dared to touch a God. All tied together with a [Conspiracy Die] that shrinks and grows as the world becomes more and less rational; unable to explain itself. 

Also, you should know that there are 13 groups vying for control of the Archives and its buried Drop-Gate shaped treasure. You best be careful. 

  • The Overmind, or Brood. Bestial shock troopers that want the Crab-King, have a sentient tiger made of electricity, and are in the process of building a metal simulacra they don’t know yet is for the Gargantuan Snake-Wolf (we’ll get there).
  • The Brutalizer Corps. Hedonist cannibal mutants at war with the previously mentioned Brood. They are all clones of the Crab-King. They also have headless apes that shoot lasers. 
  • The Hand of the Black Helicopter. A shadowy government conspiracy that’s a conspiracy for a conspiracy’s sake. The Bureau is taking advantage of them, hoping to use them to propel the Crab-King to god-hood. 
  • The Voice. Legions of holographic alien ghosts that puppet lesser mortals. Ancient enemies of the Hand of the Black Helicopter, apparently, they’re just here to sacrifice humans to their god that they’re trying to pull through a Drop-Gate (oh yeah, those are here too). 
  • The Council the Snake Wolf. Devoted to the Snake-Wolf scions and in particular a gargantuan one, White Fang, that’s miles long in the Valley within the Shattered Woods, phasing in and out of reality. There’s a cybernetic body inside the Archives that it intends to inhabit as its anchor to this plane. 
  • Starry Eyes 3’s Burial Party. That god that the Crab-King touched is now DEAD, and his followers are PISSED! They are hauling him, in pieces, to the lower levels of the dungeon née Archives to pass him through the Drop-Gates. They do not know that he intends to reanimate himself. 
  • People Playing Trading Card games. They just want to run the world, you know? Or at least commerce. There’s a tournament coming to Washington soon! 
  • The Will of the Fleet (pictured above). A renegade, reject, IX-777 Squadron. You know, the IX-777, the most feared Stratosfiend shock troops that are sent to end worlds. They’ve crashed landed here, and just trying to repair their ship, reactivate the Drop-Gates, and not to interact with the locals. 
  • There’s a weird Metal-Faced God-Giantess stomping around… no one knows why. 
  • Oh, and the HOUND is here, to hunt the Will of the Fleet and bring them back. What is the HOUND? A pack of two tentacle-rex’s armed to the teeth (literally) with missile salvos and Gatling guns. 
  • Some Miners Who Went Missing from Mercy of Angels, who have been wandering the mines for days. They are believed to be deep into the Archives’ alleged secret dig site, unknowingly.  
  • There are also Cyber-Idols Traffickers smuggling in and out of the Archives. They get supplies in, thank the gods, but are also vacating it of its strange artifacts. 
  • The Wandering Merchants are just selling their wares and generally wandering. 
  • OH, and there is Deafening Fog, the giant robot that’s in pieces and needs to be reassembled. Its scientists are all at war with each other, and are also wandering. 

It’s looking to be a 400 page (pending layout), 8.5x11x1, 4 lb, monstrosity of a hard cover book. It is in fact a mega-dungeon. 

  • Mercy of Angels, the starting town that once housed a god. 
  • The Shattered Woods, a point crawl investigating what’s really going on in the woods.   
  • Washington, a city crawl searching for “the facility”: A mega-dungeon with 360 rooms, spanning 12 levels, with 13 factions vying for power, 6 layers of history, and at least 2 dragons. 
  • 270+ encounters — a lot of things are wandering about, eating people, firing lasers, the usual. 
  • 210+ NPCS — from healers, card game players, town mayors, bounty hunters, to a walking brain. 
  • 100+ Bestiary Entries — people-in-black, black helicopters, black cars, mutant shock troopers, holographic alien ghosts… the usual 
  • 90+ new pieces of gear — from Trinidadian food to shock rifles to all matter of reverse engineered alien technology. 
  • 40+ Vehicles — tanks, catamarans, hang gliders. 
  • 24 Mercenaries — including a strange man in a mask and a were-jackalope. 
  • 30 adventure hooks — there’s UFOs in Washington you know. 
  • 30 occupations and new character Desires to go with them. — you can be a noise musician! 
  • new playable species
  • not including the Metal-Faced Giantess, the Giant Robot, or the SpellOS Drives scattered all about; as well as procedures for Oracle Cards, Trading Cards, and Collectible Card Games

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