Pledge Now for DCC-Compatible Silam 1 & 2 as Part of Zinequest!

Jordy Williams’ alternate fantasy setting of Silam is available right now through a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign. Pledge your support for Silam’s second issue, and you can get Silam 1 as part of the campaign!

This Kickstarter will fund the editing, art, and layout of Silam No. 2: The Trials of Riao and allow folks to utilize the power of crowdfunding to get a discounted price on both issues as they give Silam No. 1 a refreshed cover and a new print run.

In Silam No. 1: The Spike of Dosku:

  • Silam Campaign Setting: A brief history and overland map that, in combination with the setting and funnel, would allow you to run your own Silam campaign even if you never purchased another issue! (But we hope you will)
  • Three Unique Classes: The secretive Slate, the hedonistic Lorph, the idealistic Icaron, all native to Silam or to be used into your own game!
  • A 0-Level Funnel Adventure, delving into the ruins of a Druidic School of Magic that:
    • Thrusts your characters both into the drama of Silam’s civil war and uncovering its tragic history
    • Springboards the characters directly into a campaign of delving into the mysterious Spikes of the Three Powers, spread across Silam
    • Contains only original monsters, ripe for pillaging even if you don’t use the adventure as written

In Silam No. 2: The Trials of Riao:

  • Five Original Deities: Including special boons and tables for the clerics who serve them
  • Riao’s Magnificent Strike: Violate the laws of physics in a single punch with this original spell, created by an NPC characters potentially meet
  • A Level 1 Adventure, seeking the lowest levels of a tiered dungeon devoted to challenges of mind, body and spirit that:
    • Challenges characters to overcome seemingly impossible challenges
    • Offers insight into the lives and minds of the mysterious slate
    • Introduces new weapons, martial and magical, for your characters to wield
    • Contains only original monsters, ready to slay the denizens of Silam and beyond

Support now as part of Kickstarter’s Zinequest!

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