Unlock ALL of the Multi-Publisher Stretch Goals for Purple Planet!

All projects fully-funded!

Purple Planet is live and setting all kinds of records! Every one of the EIGHT Purple Planet crowdfunding campaigns have already reached full-funding — and, no wonder, with all of the amazing cross-campaign stretch goals!

Pledge for one project or all of them! Each project has its own stretch goals plus there are stretch goals that cross projects:

  • There are 8 unique Purple Planet bonus drop in encounters, 1 for each project you back!
  • Pledge for 3 or more projects for a free “purple planet 3d6” dice set!
  • Get to the top of the multi project backer leaderboard, or just get lucky, to have an anagram of your name appear as an NPC!
  • Bonus page of runic lore unlocked for each project, only if all Purple Planet projects are funded (well, that didn’t take long!)

Check out the Purple Planet HORDE and grab some wildly ingenious modules to launch your Purple Planet campaign — and clean up on all of the cross-campaign stretch goals as well!

All of the Purple Planet campaigns — pledge for multi-campaign rewards!

Jump to our Purple Planet Horde page on BackerKit to see the full array of all of these campaigns in one easy-to-navigate place, and explore the many treasures to be found by adventurers that dare journey to the Purple Planet!

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