Support the Third Party “DCC Pulp Heroes” for Zinequest!

Final Week!

Jeremy “Father Goose” Shuman has a mighty-thewed Kickstarter of sword & sorcery proportions ready for your support — Pulp Heroes for DCC!

Part of Kickstarter’s Zinequest, Pulp Heroes is 28 pages of gameable content and art inspired by the great classics of Appendix N. A toolbox for creating sword & sorcery style heroes and games using DCC, Pulp Heroes offers new character generation methods, occupation table, augur/lucky signs table, dooms and benisons, alternate class options — and more!

Pulp Heroes presents new campaign options for your DCC games to bring an even more old-school, classic pulp fiction feel to your games. Inspired by the great works of the golden age of sword-swinging fiction, Pulp Heroes is a great way to infuse your campaign with the classic charm of the original stories that inspired RPGs in the first place.

Now entering its final week on Kickstarter, Pulp Heroes is fully-funded and waiting for your pledge!

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