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Grab your nunchucks — Ninja City is back!

Ninja City 2: Drug Demon Disco is live and fully-funded right now on Kickstarter! Three years ago, the original Ninja City zine was unleashed upon the world. This third party supplement for Dungeon Crawl Classics reskinned the DCC RPG rules to allow for retro ninja action in a gritty city filled with breakdancing, uzis, and cyborgs. 

Now, Ninja City: Drug Demon Disco puts to paper a now-legendary after-hours GenCon game in which the Disciples of the 24th Chamber were given their names and belts. It is now time for the rest of you brave shadow warriors to join the clan.

Ninja City: Drug Demon Disco will be approximately 24 pg. b/w zine, staple bound in 8.5 x 5.5 format It contains a sick adventure, new powers, and a special lore section by guest writer Tim Deschene connecting Ninja City to Weird Heroes of Public Access!

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