Purple Planet Crowdfunding Launches Tomorrow!

Blast Off to the Purple Planet with us — TOMORROW!

Launching tomorrow at NOON 12:00 pm EST is Adventures on the Purple Planet . . . and Beyond! This tremendous BackerKit campaign is our triumphant return to that most perilous of places, the Purple Planet, and collects all of the original Purple Planet material, along with a brand new adventure, all in one weighty Tome of Adventure.

And that’s just the start of it — because we are bringing a veritable HORDE with us as we Return to the Purple Planet. Seven third party publishers are also launching Purple Planet crowdfunding tomorrow, offering a full campaign’s worth of Purple Planet adventures — even a dice app!

Jump to our Purple Planet Horde page on BackerKit to see the full array of all of these campaigns, and be ready to back them for multi-publisher reward tiers, stretch goals — even free dice when you support three or more campaigns.

It doesn’t get bigger than this! Back the campaigns, and join us live on Twitch tomorrow at NOON 12:00 pm EST for our live launch show — and be there as we make crowdfunding (and intergalactic) history!

NOON 12:00 p.m. EST, Tuesday, February 6

Return to the Purple Plane Launch Show on Twitch!

Host: The Goodman Gang

The big day is almost here — the launch of Adventures on the Purple Planet and Beyond! Join the Goodman Gang for a live launch show as we take off into the stratosphere on our way back to that malicious mauve marble in the sky — the Purple Planet!

Be there as we make history with this 8 publisher crowdfunding event — it’s like nothing ever done before! How far can we get on launch day? Tune in, pledge your support, and start knocking out those stretch goals!

Join us this Tuesday at NOON, 12:00 pm EST for the big launch, only on the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel!

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