Final Day for DCC Funnels Bundle of Holding!

Only 12 hours remain to get this amazing deal!

Have an excess of 0-level characters milling around, with barely a pitchfork between them? Well, then it’s time to send dozens of novice heroes to a grisly, funny doom with this DCC Funnels Bundle. These zero level starter adventures pit dozens of hapless 0-level nobodies against deadly foes and environmental hazards, to see which heroes come out on top!

This hero of a deal is certainly tops — for just $21.29 you get 11 Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures in PDF, from both Goodman Games and innovative third party publishers. Modules like the recent releases DCC #101: Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen and DCC #103: Bloom of the Blood Garden, and standout third party funnels like The Curse of Cragbridge, Fire in the Mountain, The Exodus of Wolfbane, and many more!

You can even just opt for the starter bundle, where for $9.95 you get 6 classic funnels form our Starter Bundle. Funnels are the perfect way to launch a campaign, or run for a wild night’s one off adventure!

Whether you grab the starter or go all in for the price of $21.29 for all 11 of these amazing funnels, ten percent of your payment will be donated to the the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. As always, you can pay more to give more — your donation will help families in need of food security.

A good deal and a great cause — grab the DCC Funnels Bundle at Bundle of Holding today before it’s gone!

Ends tonight at 11:00 pm EST! If you want to take advantage of this offer — act fast!

Author: billward

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