Evolved: A Super Heroic Time Travel TTRPG Powered by DCC RPG!

Coming Soon from Bloat Games!

Third party DCC publisher Bloat Games has been busy! Currently Eric Bloat and company are putting the finishing touches on Evolved, a super hero game taking place in a dark future of time travel, robots, and mutation. This is a self-contained game and setting powered by DCC RPG. You can learn more about Evolved below, prior to the launch of the kickstarter (coming soon):

Tears in Time: A Dark Fracture World Primer

Time travel … it changed everything. The world as we knew it was forever altered, and the future, so full of hopes and dreams for so many for so long, became a dark, bleak place, full of terror and death. The unknown became knowable, and with that knowledge came pain and suffering for so many of us, those affected most by the advent of time travel … the Evolved.

The chronal energies given off by portal time travel caused a random advance in evolution for many of those exposed … sometimes resulting in abnormal physical deformities and death, while other times, strange, powerful abilities were gained … the era of the super being had arrived. 

Those passing through time portals found that they were transported into the future of the year 2051 … and the future depicted was frightening. The world had changed so much as to begin to be unrecognizable, with war and strife rampant, and the Evolved finding themselves hunted and destroyed or captured by robots and cyborgs created by humans who feared them, used and controlled by their governments as leverage against other factions, and leading rebellions against the humans to demonstrate their perceived superiority in a bid for power. Nuclear war, biological and gene warfare, cloning vats, and other things out of science fiction, including aliens bent on domination and their own internal conflicts, had come to the world en force, creating chaos and bedlam.

Welcome to the 2051 world of the Dark Fracture … its secrets are there for the taking … will you use this knowledge to prevent this future from happening, or to hasten its eventual arrival and ensure your place in its ruling elite? Knowing this awaits you, what will you do NOW in 2026 to prevent this blasted future from coming to fruition … you are one of the few left who has the one thing so many have lost going for you … HOPE

What Has Changed from the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Core Rules?

For those familiar with the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (DCC RPG), jumping into EVOLVED RPG is like playing with its baby sibling. A summary of the rules changes or additions included are below for quick reference.

  1. 100 new Occupations
  2. Prosperity Die mechanic for simplifying purchases
  3. The Path system is used instead of alignment (Path of the Hero, Walking the Line, Path of the Villain)
  4. Addition of new weapons, including firearms and explosives
  5. Simplified armor categories, as well as weapon and armor modifications
  6. Character creation and rules which enable playing in two different eras (2026 and 2051)—and with two versions of the same character, one 1st-5th-level (from the year 2026) and another 6th-10th-level (from the year 2051)!
  7. Vehicles and vehicle rules, including wrecks
  8. 8 new EVOVLED classes, with some familiar—and some different and new—class abilities: Cerebral Adept, Metamorph, Movement Monarch, Overhauler, Regulator, Scrapper, Thunderstroke, Warder
  9. 2 non-EVOLVED classes from Star Crawl (soldier and scoundrel) for those wishing to not play an Evolved PC
  10. A new Mighty Deed of Arms—the Fastball Special
  11. Introduction of Evolved Exploits (known in other RPGs as Power Stunts)
  12. A Rank system for Evolved Abilities (the name for superpowers in the game), making certain Evolved Abilities easier to use and tied to class specialties
  13. 126 Evolved Abilities across 11 Ability Sets: aegis, cerebral augment, corporeal augment, energy generation, energy regulation, entity regulation, evolved ability regulation, matter generation, matter regulation, movement, and perception
  14. Fortune Token rules
  15. A new Siphoning subsystem when using Evolved Abilities
  16. Sidekick rules!

What Has NOT Changed from the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Core Rules?

For those familiar with the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (DCC RPG), the Evolved – Super Heroic Time Travel Roleplaying Game – Powered by DCC RPG (or EVOLVED RPG , for short) contains ALL the rules you need to play (like Weird Frontiers). Yes, you heard that right! ALL THE RULES! This single tome will bring everything you need to take your roleplaying to the next level – and have it EVOLVE! The core rules are based on the DCC chassis, so all the features you love about DCC (Luck, critical hit tables, Mighty Deeds of Arms, chronoburn (e.g. spellburn), evoburn (e.g., radburn), faults (e.g., corruption), etc. and a WHOLE lot more. Also, includes an expansive bestiary and roster of villains, heroes, organizations, as well as villain creation tables, chronal-energy evolutions for NPCs, and more. And finally, information on 2026 as well as the world of 2051 – the Dark Fracture, in enough detail to provide a framework for the judge to take and make their own.

Evolved: Super Heroic Time Travel Roleplaying Game will be crowdfunding soon, keep an eye on Bloat Games own facebook page, and of course this website, for news about the upcoming launch!

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