Help Jennell Jaquays Get Well!

Our friend could use your support!

Jennell Jaquays, artist and designer whose work has spanned the classic era of RPGs right up to the present, is suffering from the sudden onset of serious health complications and could use your help.

You may have heard Jennell’s name recently in association with our massive Original Adventures Reincarnated Dark Tower project — Jennell being the original artist AND writer/designer for what is widely regarded as the first mega-dungeon adventure module. In addition to her classic work with Judges Guild, you will have also seen Jennell’s art in Dragon Magazine and Deities & Demi-Gods, even on the covers of Amazing Stories. For decades, Jennell also worked as an art and content designer in the video game industry, doing pioneering work in computer game art design every bit as trailblazing as her work on tabletop games.

But now Jennell could use some support after suffering a sudden and debilitating attack that has left her with a long road to get back to wellness. Visit Jennell’s GoFundMe page to show your support and receive health updates during this critical time in her recovery.

There would be no Old School Renaissance without the true Old School Originators — please consider helping Jennell in her hour of need for the many hours of wonder she has given to us all.

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