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Explore a crashed fantasy spaceship, fight interdimensional aliens, and get weird in a level-2 Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure!

New on Kickstarter from David Matalan comes Prisoners of the Secret Overlords licensed level-2 DCC RPG adventure with over 50 keyed locations and chock full of amazing art by Kiril Tchangov! It’s a double-sized adventure that spans 56-pages in length! 

The PCs set out to find Lyzinder, Duke Raefinn’s only heir, somewhere in the Drakemaw Mountains. Soon enough they’ll discover a interplanar bioship, its crew, and many other lurking horrors. Of course, there’s more than danger to be found. Along the way, the PCs will encounter alien technologymagical artifacts, and hooks for future adventure. Join this quest (which should supply many sessions of adventure!) and free the Prisoners of the Secret Overlords!

The judge’s screen is specific to this adventure! It will have amazing art on the front, and the full map, plus the relevant tables on the back. The digest-size art folio will include all the amazing art that you’ll find within the adventures, but without any of the spoilerific text. That way you can show off all the art to your players with ease. These two items (and the hardcover only available in the deluxe tier) will only be produced in a limited quantity for the Kickstarter and never offered afterwards!

In addition, when this 56-page long, double-sized adventure reaching retail, it will only be available as a softcover and will have a MSRP of $20. That means every Kickstarter backer gets Prisoners of the Secret Overlords at the best price possible and gets it first!

The first of many stretch goals have already been unlocked for this fully-funded campaign!

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