Grimtooth’s Old-School Traps On Twitch This Week!

All new every Thursday!

Starting this Thursday at 7:00 pm EST, take the plunge into the deadly world of Grimtooth’s Old-School Traps on Twitch! Each episode — featuring Grimtooth himself and special guests — offers a deep-dive into this unparalleled resource for DCC RPG and 5E gaming.

So join Grimtooth and friends every Thursday at 7:00 for an ongoing exclusive sneak-peek at this all new edition of the world’s most devious manual of RPG traps — with rules for both DCC RPG and 5E! And don’t forget to follow Grimtooth’s Old-School Traps right now on BackerKit to be ready when the campaign launches!

7:00 p.m. EST, Thursday, September 21

Grimtooth’s Old-School Traps Thursdays

Hosts: Grimtooth the Troll (and friends)

Welcome to Traps Thursdays, sponsored by Grimtooth’s Old School Traps! It’s like Taco Tuesday, only on a Thursday, — and with traps! Join Grimtooth himself each week at 7:00 pm EST, along with special guests, as they discuss a myriad ways to “introduce” your players to traps for your DCC RPG or 5E game. Get all the details you need prior to our crowdfunding launch of this deadly tome, coming soon on BackerKit.

Tune in every Thursday at 7:00 pm EST, only on the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel.

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