DCC Fans Raised $29,000 for World Central Kitchen…And Counting!

Fans are helping put healthy food in the hands of those that need it!

Goodman Games has a history of supporting food-based charities — in trying times, this most fundamental of human needs must have priority. That’s why our recent DCC MEGA Bundle at Humble Bundle supports food donations for disaster relief through World Central Kitchen with every purchase.

So far generous gamers like you have raised over $29,000 to help get clean food and water to victims of disasters around the world through World Central Kitchen. Thank you for your donation!

As amazing a deal as the MEGA Bundle is, you are always free to give a little more secure in the knowledge that your donation goes to this most worthy of causes. After all, this MEGA-value deal is just $25 for $1,047 worth of product!

You can always give beyond the minimum payment, with the proceeds going to a worthy cause — it’s a win-win situation! You decide how to split your payment — so far, the generosity of DCC fans has raised over $29,000!

The MEGA Bundle provides enough material to keep your campaign going for ages — with a total value over $1,000 — but there is less than a week left to get this amazing deal and help put food on the table where it is needed most!

Author: billward

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