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A level 2 adventure module, compatible with the Mutant Crawl Classics TTRPG system.

Mutant Crawl Classics is an awesome post-apocalyptic system, and Horror is a uniquely cool genre. What happens when you put the two of them together? – Horror at the MERCC. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups of RPG adventures, now on kickstarter. 

The latest adventure module from TSG, High Dive Games is a horror themed, 2nd level adventure for the MCC RPG system. Originally created as the follow-up to the the 1st level adventure Get Me the Juice, this adventure was designed to be dropped into any MCC campaign setting and is filled with unique post-apocalyptic situations, locations, artifacts, artificial intelligence personalities and general mutated hijinks. My goal was to create a ready to play, self-contained adventure that also had individual content pieces that could be pulled out and used by judges who prefer a freestyle campaign approach. As a backer, you will get an an early release copy of this adventure module at a discounted price, plus all of the unlocked stretch goals. Guaranteed digital delivery of the adventure before Halloween.

Horror at the MERCC is the fourth adventure module/zine created and published by Tim Sattley and TSG, High Dive Games. The digital & softcover print-on-demand editions will go out to all backers shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ends (approximately 2 weeks), with the title becoming available for general release only after the printed copies have been shipped and received. No waiting months for fulfilment, this module will be 100% complete well before the Kickstarter campaign ends!

Included in this publication are:

  • 35+ pages of RPG fun in an 8.5 x 11 format
  • Original MCC concept art by Jim Wampler
  • An adventure location you can drop into any campaign
  • A brand new Insanity/Horror Mechanic system
  • Stress induced side-effects for PC’s
  • Multiple brand new artifacts of the ancients
  • (2) new monsters with custom crit/damage tables
  • (7) individual AI Personalities for NPC role playing opportunities
  • (6) brand new random tables 
  • Links and specially designed places for plot hooks leading to future adventures
  • A visually rich product, with artwork on almost every page
  • QR code leading to mood music referenced in the adventure
  • RR2 Horror at the MERCC provides a continuation of the “Recharge Run” series of MCC adventure modules
  • Original artwork by JEShields, Ed Bickford, Gambit Melendez, Carlos Castilho and more

Author: billward

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