Registration Continues for Road Crew Game Day!

Slots still available for sign up!

Road Crew, you may still sign up for Road Crew Game Day 2023 over at Table Top Events. Sign up is free, and we will make sure there is a seat for everyone interested in playing!

This year’s Road Crew Game Day is Saturday, September 23rd. Write it on your dice bag!

Our most popular perk for the Road Crew is back! It’s time for you hard-working road judges to step around to the sunny side of the screen and roll dice as a player for a change! This event is our thank-you for all the amazing work you put in this year – arranging, advertising, and running games for a new generation of new-to-Goodman-Games-players. Some of the biggest names and brightest personalities in all of DCC will be there running games, so this is an event you will not want to miss! Show up and roll some dice with us at the ROAD CREW GAME DAY!

And this is just one of the great perks for Goodman Games Road Crew, who have access to limited edition merchandise and other cool extras, all for running public games! If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, find out more about Road Crew on our 2023 Road Crew Landing Page.

P.S. Are you a judge interested in running events for the Game Day? If so, contact!

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