Champions of The Goblin Market Third Party DCC Kickstarter Features Hand-Drawn Art!

New stretch goals unlock even more art!

Now featuring an original wraparound cover from Stefan Poag, the fully-funded 0-level DCC-compatible Champions of the Goblin Market by Matt Funk has also announced new stretch goals for its kickstarter campaign. Witch Pleas Publishing worked with Stefan and Brad McDevitt to create stretch goals to feature character portraits and additional interior art in the module. They also aim to feature an original map by Brett Hess, an artistic talent discovered through the Dungeon Crawl Classics fan community.

Champions of the Goblin Market’s stretch goals are:

At $2,400, they will feature at least four custom interior art pieces by Brad McDevitt. *unlocked!*

At $2,600, they can commission an original map by Brett Hess, whose work is featured below.

At $3,000, they can commission character portraits from Stefan Poag.

And at $3,400, they can commission additional interior art from Stefan and Brad, completing the vision for Champions of the Goblin Market, brought to life by these brilliant talents, both established and newly discovered.

We have been awed and honored by these epic artists’ interest in the project, and feel this defines Champions of the Goblin Market as a project that makes a statement to value established artists, fan artists, and first-time authors.

Champions of the Goblin Market is perfect for Judges who want robust roleplay and unique challenges for their funnel. It’s also a thrilling, one-night one-shot, or a campaign kickoff that provides long-term quests, mysterious background and an environment of conflict. And every Lohre adventure evokes folklore and traditional fantasy in the high-stakes way only the Dungeon Crawl Classics system can, drawing from literature, history and fables for its events and its flavor.

Defying age-old warnings, the characters delve into time-haunted ravines on a night when peril is said to be greatest, Midsummer Eve, in pursuit of missing girls and mystical fortunes. The girls’ trail leads to a wonderful and gruesome festival gathering, the Goblin Market, held Midsummer in prehistoric elven ruins. The characters use cleverness and combat skill to overcome sin-eating bugbears, demonic rabies, countless conniving goblins and an enslaved legend to save the girls and unearth the ancient secrets hidden in the Goblin Market.

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