Helpful Tips for DCC Third Party Publishers

Up your third party publishing game with The Scrivenery!

Whether you’ve just started contemplating the idea of creating a publication using our Third Party License, or you’re an old hand with half a dozen zines under your belt, The Scrivenery is the place to get insider tips, practical advice, and actionable ideas when it comes to publishing your own RPG material.

Join Ed Stanek and Trevor Stamper for insights, interviews, and inspiration in the indie publishing game with The Scrivenery, only on The Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel. In fact, you can catch them tomorrow, Friday the 8th, at 7:30 pm EST for an all-new live show!

In the meantime, explore Ed and Trevor’s huge back catalog of episodes on The Scrivenery’s YouTube playlist! It’s the single best resource for anyone looking to publish third party DCC, MCC, and, soon, XCC material! They cover everything from design and writing, to marketing and budgets, including interviews with many of the successful indie designers whose work you know and love.

So check out The Scrivenery, and get the ball rolling on your own creative vision!

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