A Great Weekend at Pacificon!

This past Labor Day weekend, Santa Clara, California hosted the annual return of Pacificon Game Expo — and Goodman Games was there!

Thieves solved puzzle-box traps and backstabbed a hail storm, Warriors lost teeth via a left hook from a mountain range, but lashed back with as good as they got, and Wizards shattered glassy guardians with magic missiles while Clerics shrouded precarious bridges in darkness with allies mid-span — hey! it is DCC after all. Hundreds of games were played by hundreds and hundreds of gamers of all ages, while Goodman Games fans veteran and newly-minted, picked up colorful polyhedrals, rulebooks, judge’s screens, and campaign settings in the form of Hubris, DCC Lankhmar, and DCC Dying Earth.

We would like to thank Vendor’s Hall coordinator Jeff “The Romulan” DeCamp and the Pacificon Game Expo team for making everything a success, and thanks to the entire Pacificon staff and attendees for making a great four days of gaming. We hope to see you there next year!

Also be sure to check out our full 2023 Convention Schedule (and Recap!) page.

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