A Grand Time at GrandCon!

Goodman Games’ own Dieter Zimmerman reports from GrandCon:

Grand Con really showed up for Goodman Game’s first booth appearance there. Around 2,000 gamers swarmed downtown Grand Rapids, MI and many of them had the joy of discovering DCC and MCC for the first time!

There were two highlights for me:

  • 1) discovering that the local comic shop Vault of Midnight already had a decent selection of Goodman Games products on hand.
  • 2) meeting sludge metal band Bog Wizard at the con and introducing them to DCC for the first time!

You can check out Bog Wizard performing “Barbaria” live at Grand Con 2023 right here.

Also be sure to check out our full 2023 Convention Schedule (and Recap!) page.

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