Filling Up Fast! — Sign Up For DCC Demo Night

This the next three weeks of Tuesday Night Demo Club are already full — which is a good reason to sign up for a future Demo Night and make sure you don’t miss out!

The best way to learn DCC is with one of our Zoom Demos — private virtual gaming sessions where a group of new players are brought up to speed on how Dungeon Crawl Classics works, all under the patient guidance of one of our expert Judges. Our Judges love to teach, and love to get new players into our favorite game!

Our Tuesday Night Demo Clubs often fill up pretty quickly — in fact most of this month’s are already full! — so head over to the Event’s Page and reserve a future seat for yourself, and maybe plan now to get your friends involved as well!

Here’s a run down of the basics, including our simple sign up process:

Are you new to the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics? Do you want to give the game a try, but you aren’t sure about the rules or where to go with things?

Welcome to Tuesday Night Online Demo Club! We’ll be teaching the basics through example to both fledgling players and Judges alike. Running a game with all the nuances that help to make DCC RPG a favorite with fans all over the world.

How do you get involved? All you have to do is RSVP through our Events Page.

Simply go to The Events Page, and you’ll see the DCC Demo Night graphic at the top of every Tuesday listing for games. Click on that and then RSVP with our Judge to reserve your spot. Simply click ‘Going’ under ‘RSVP Here’ (see image below), and then fill in the information that pops up. Our Judge will then contact you with additional information for the Demo Game.

Please sign up no later than 3:00 pm EST on the day before your event, RSVPs cannot be accepted after that time.

NOTE: There are only FIVE slots for each Tuesday night. If you CANNOT make it, don’t sign up. We anticipate these events to fill up fast, and we don’t want to deny people wanting to learn.

So, we hope to see you on Tuesday night! It’s a great way to learn our favorite role-playing game!

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