Support the Third Party Kickstarter for Cover Stories

New from Louis Hoefer and Dandyline Games (The Time-Lost Citadel, Seekers of the Un-K’nown) comes Cover Stories — quick DCC– and MCC– compatible adventures in 6-panel ‘Judge’s Screen’ format, made from sturdy cardstock. Each one-off adventure is perfect for a single game session, and contains plot hooks and jumping off points a Judge can use to inspire further adventures.

Ready-to-use Cover Stories help to “cover” the gaps in your campaign!

Cover Stories first three adventures are part of this kickstarter: The Floating Spoils of Czar Beezare, The Ratcatcher’s Son, and In the Employ of the King’s Foresters, with another potentially unlocked by stretch goals. Be sure to see Louis’ video and prototypes for Cover Stories, and pledge today:

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