New 5E VTT Adventures In Our Online Store – Plus Tales From the Magician’s Skull #11!

From the virtual table top to the premiere magazine of sword-and-sorcery — we’ve got some great new releases today!

Two terrific adventures in our Fifth Edition Fantasy line are now available for some VTT gaming today — FEF#8: Eye of the Leviathan having just been released on Roll20, and FEF#9: The Fallen Temple all ready to go for the Fantasy Grounds VTT system!

And from the cutting edge of virtual table top gaming to the old school vibe of the World’s Mightiest sword-and-sorcery magazine — Tales From the Magician’s Skull’s 11th issue has just dropped, with 8 all-new tales of peerless adventure from the best new voices of today!

Let’s check them out!

Tales From the Magician’s Skull – No. 11

Behold the wonders of Tales From the Magician’s Skull #11!

Strange realms of horror and adventure lay in the pages ahead, spun to life by master tale tellers recruited by The Skull himself for your entertainment! Do not delay in the expression of your joy; instead, shout from your rooftops and tell all you know of his magnificent accomplishments!

Eight new narratives fill the pages of issue #11 and include material crafted from these yarns for the Dungeon Crawl Classics role-playing game.

Tales From the Magician’s Skull is the premiere magazine of sword-and-sorcery fiction, providing all-new stories from some of the industry’s top writers.


Editor’s Introduction by Howard Andrew Jones 

The Skull Speaks by The Skull Himself 

Test of the Runeweavers by H. T. Grossen
With every parried blow long ropes of runes unravel from their weapons, both ruby and sapphire, whipping into the sky and crackling across the ocean with the force of their fighting. 

Lady of the Frost by C. L. Werner 
From the Tales of Shintaro Oba • The soft, coaxing melancholy evaporated and in its stead came a frigid wrath. An icy mist began to gather all around him, boiling out from the frozen skeletons. The freezing fog plucked at him, raking his body with chill claws. He could feel the cold stabbing through his kimono and into his flesh. 

The Eyes of Rath Kanon by Bill Pearce
Daryellow hesitated only a moment. Then he turned the mask and lifted it to his face. Again, he felt the mask crawl across his head. Again, the god Rath Kanon raged into his soul.

Ghostwise by Caias Ward
Obba reached into his bag, pulling out a ghostly knife. It was stout and sturdy; he could see through the ghost of the blade, feel the murders in it. 

Melkart and the Whore of Babylon by Mark Mellon
The King of Babylon drew close and whispered to Melkart. “When we have the Hieros Gamos, I won’t pretend to marry Inanna as if I was Marduk and she was Ishtar. I’m going to rape her and then kill her. And she’ll never expect it until it happens. Isn’t that funny?” 

Kick in the Door and Improvise by Dawn Vogel
The throne was empty, but I knew I was near the king by the stench of wine. He was easily a head taller than me, by my estimation. I extended my arms and reached toward him, my eyes squeezed shut in spite of the darkness, hoping my fingers would touch nothing but metal and gemstones… 

The Lens of Being by Daniel Amatiello
His hands were outstretched, working on something atop that altar, and when he stepped back to assess his handiwork Vilimut’s grey eyes went wide. Her treasure!

Bound in Brass and Iron by Matthew X. Gomez
The shape under the robes stretched and distorted. The mouth opened, jaw distending to accommodate the lengthening fangs. Claws sprouted from hands turned curved and cruel. Bony protrusions erupted from skin turned black and cracked. 

The Monster Pit by Terry Olson
Enter the monster pit! Down here in the pit, we provide tabletop RPG fans with playable DCC RPG game statistics for the creatures in this issue of Tales From The Magician’s Skull. 

Fifth Edition Fantasy #9: The Fallen Temple – Module for Fantasy Grounds

A level 10 adventure for 5E for use with Fantasy Grounds

Fighting against the biting winds and relentless snow to reach the other side of the mountain range known as the Demon’s Teeth, a team of adventurers passes the evenings around the campfire listening to your guide’s folktales of horrific beasts, bottomless ice pits, and a forgotten temple and its corrupted priestess. And now, with temperatures dropping and a legendary beast in pursuit, these heroes must decide whether to push on or take shelter and fight against an awakened evil that demands worship or delivers death.

NOTE: This version of Fifth Edition Fantasy #9: The Fallen Temple is a product key for Fantasy Grounds. This purchase will provide a license key for use on their site.

Fifth Edition Fantasy #8: Eye of the Leviathan — Roll20

A level 8 adventure for 5E for use with Roll20

Fifth Edition Fantasy is here! This adventure module is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy RPG, and is ready to play in your home campaign!

Murder! Ripples of shock pour through the wee hours of the sleepy fishing shanty of Port Scuttle. An innocent young fishmonger, beloved by the locals, has been brutally murdered in her own shop. Stunned by the grisly act, the typically hardened townsfolk turn to powerful heroes to investigate the gruesome deed. Could the fishmonger’s recent discovery of a massive black pearl be a possible motive? The heroes’ goal is to not only bring the perpetrator to justice, but determine the twisted purpose behind the ghastly act. Concerned townsfolk decry that the evildoer must hang for his or her despicable crime. Yet when the heroes finally track down the murderer, he is already dead by the noose, and the investigation has truly only begun. Clues hint at even darker designs, as an ancient evil stirs to reclaim a once lost malevolent relic.

Play with Less Prep!

In this Roll20 Package, you’ll find everything from the book and more!

  • Add 13 new monsters to your 5e games, including swarms of bilge rats and carrion gulls, the pirate zombies, and the brine vampire Lord Iychthus himself, fully integrated with Compendium drag-and-drop.
  • Hand out three new treasure items, like the Boots of the Zephyr and the eponymous Eye of the Leviathan.
  • Utilize a new spell: kraken’s tentacles, available in the Charactermancer and drag-and-drop.
  • Read the adventure content in the web Compendium or in handouts in the VTT.
  • Every map, with pre-placed tokens, GM layer information, and Dynamic Lighting support (requires plus / pro subscription)!
  • All tokens and handouts combined in a Art Pack in your Art Library!

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