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New from Jeremy Shuman and Father Goose Creations comes Where Shadows Fall, a DCC-compatible zine designed to take you into a modern world where magic exists, but is hidden. Normal humans cannot perceive magic or magical creatures. The rational mind simply will not allow it. But there are those who can. Either because they are a part of this hidden world, or because experiences with the things the Shadow keeps hidden have become too much to ignore.

The Where Shadows Fall kickstarter includes three zines, the main book containing everything a player needs specific to this setting, and two supporting volumes for Judges.

The first zine – Where Shadows Fall – has everything a player needs. Well, that and the DCC RPG book. This is not a stand-alone game. It does require the core rules for character creation and some support. But everything players need specific to this setting is contained within a single zine. In a departure from most DCC material, race and class have been separated for this game. Race as class is a wonderful mechanic for classic fantasy RPGs, but did not fit the feel of a modern world as well. But that’s not all. The way in which the races are structured is rather unique, with lots of options packed into only a few pages. Lastly, great effort was made to design each page so that sections of the zine can be printed (or better, photocopied) and used as handouts. Most pages stamped with TOP SECRET can be assumed to exist in the game world in some fashion, should the judge wish. [60 pages]

The second zine – Shadow Factions – is co-written by Levi Combs (Planet X Games) and expands on the secretive factions mentioned in Where Shadows Fall and provides additional details for how to use them in your game. This zine is not required, nor is it appropriate for players (too many spoilers!). However, it is designed as an additional set of useful tools for a judge who may wish to jump in without lots of advanced prep and still make the factions feel meaningful. [40 pages]

The third zine – Creatures of Shadow – provides over a dozen new creatures to bring terror to your players! While not required, judges may find it helpful to have ready creatures available to quickly introduce. [20 pages]

The campaign has already unlocked two stretch goal bonus adventures (a 0 level funnel and a first level), with more great possibilities still to go! The perfect compliment to a growing line of third party products for DCC Modern, learn more about Where Shadows Fall and support it today — there is less than a week left!

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