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DCC Open 2023 Arch-Daihaks of Dying Earth Tournament Results

At Gen Con 2023, Goodman Games ran the 6th annual DCC RPG team tournament, Arch-Daihaks of Dying Earth. This year’s tournament was set in the DCC Dying Earth setting and saw 165 players across 36 teams compete in the team tournament format – where five-player teams consisted of 5th-level PCs, our highest level tournament yet! Over the course of three days and two hard-fought rounds, dozens of characters fell to the deadly traps, multiple bubble-worlds, and for the first time, a five-way Battle Royal finals before team Los Hermanos Jabronis emerged as the champions.

We now present the official tournament stats, including all the judges, rooms and authors that contributed to this year’s amazing event. (For more of our Gen Con coverage, visit our Gen Con 2023 headquarters).

Round 1 Results1

This year’s adventure featured multiple “bubble” worlds that teams had to journey between to recover pieces of a powerful artifact known as the god-husk. Teams could pick from multiple paths to take, and even return to bubbles they had already visited by using multiple portals scattered within each bubble. Some teams took advantage of the format to move on from harder challenges, other teams remained fixed on solving a particular encounter – many times to their own detriment!

There were five bubbles in Round 1, with each including a different unique encounter that was roughly equivalent in challenge and therefore fair in a tournament environment despite which path each individual team chose to take during the round. Even so, at Gen Con, teams were competing only with other teams in the same flight for the top spot to guarantee advancement, ensuring that results were not being compared across flight. A fifth “wild-card” team also advanced, with the highest score from the remaining teams securing a position in the finals.

Also new for this year’s tournament was a reduced amount of standard time to complete round 1. Teams started with only three and a half hours to complete Round 1; however, during the round teams could discover various means to extend their time to add up to an additional 30 minutes of real-time, allowing those teams up to a full four hours to try to collect more god-husk pieces!

Below are the final Round 1 results broken out by team by flight:

Marc Bruner judging a game

Round 1, Flight 1 Results

PlaceTeamFlight ScoreJudge
1 (Advancing Team)The Vice Squad119Alaric Legler
2 (Advancing Team – Highest Remaining Score Round 1)The Esoteric Three114Alan Keim
3 (Round 1 Alternate)The Ochlocratic Autocracy of Ohio97Marc Bruner
4Oscar Styles33Davin Kluttz
5Shigs21Tim Deschene
6We Dwell in Darkness0Haley Skach
7Brenden’s Kids-16Jason Stierle
8Deadly Castor Crusaders-35Jim Skach
9First Custodians of Dying Earth-125*Harley Stroh

* Games that ended in a TPK

Round 1, Flight 2 Results

PlaceTeamFlight ScoreJudge
1 (Advancing Team)The Bills59Alaric Legler
2I Have a Plan25Marc Bruner
3Vat’s the Limit24Adam Bokhari
4Don’t Die19Eric Daum
5Team Grudge14James Pozenel
6Mighty Windtuppets3Davin Kluttz
7Hulkamania-42Jim Skach
8The Unknowns-79*Jason Stierle
9The Rookies-89*Haley Skach

* Games that ended in a TPK

Round 1, Flight 3 Results

PlaceTeamFlight ScoreJudge
1 (Advancing Team)Team Ramrod98Tim Deschene
2Arazal’s Angels64Eric Daum
3The Four-Fingered Four59Alan Keim
4Heir Jordan24Jim Skach
5The Royal Bachras12James Pozenel
6Lone Survivor(s)-3*Alaric Legler
7Don’t Drink the Phlogiston-40*Jeff Scifert
8Team Mavericks-52*Jason Stierle
9Wasted Effort-98*Haley Skach
10Terry’s TPKs-109*Terry Olson

* Games that ended in a TPK

Round 1, Flight 4 Results

PlaceTeamFlight ScoreJudge
1 (Advancing Team)Los Hermanos Jabronis84Alaric Legler
2Passion Fruits32Jason Stierle
3Cugel’s Revenge24Adam Bokhari
4Things Look Bad19Terry Olson
5Bovine Appreciators-12Jeff Scifert
6Rascals and Rapscallions-35Eric Daum
7Brute Smartz-79*James Pozenel
8Button Mashers-101*Haley Skach

* Games that ended in a TPK

Jim Skach running a game
Eric Daum and one of his tournament teams

Round 2 Results2

At Gen Con 2023, Round 2 was divided into two parts: Part 1 found the teams running through a series of encounters, attempting to activate their god-husk by mastering a series of elemental challenges. Part 2 then saw the teams ascending into their completed god-husks to compete in a Battle Royal against the 4 other teams, with the last team standing being declared the Arch-Daihaks of Dying Earth!

The finals were another epic battle to the finish, running into overtime with four teams still standing. After the dust from the tie-breaking dice rolls cleared, Los Hermanos Jabronis came out on top, just barely squeezing by the second place team The Esoteric Legion with a tie-breaker score of 30 to 29!

Below are the final Round 2 results broken out by team:

Round 2 Results*

PlaceTeamGod Husk Elements MasteredJudge
1 (30)Los Hermanos Jabronis (Morgan Gonzalez, Dan Bastin, Jordan Starks, Lucian Murphree, Colin Murphree)Void, Ignis, Aqua, Terra, AerTim Deschene
1 (29)The Esoteric Legion**Void, Ignis, Aqua, Terra, AerMarc Bruner
1 (22)Team RamrodVoid, Ignis, AquaTerry Olson
1 (18)The Vice SquadVoid, IgnisHaley Skach
5*The BillsVoid, IgnisJim Skach

* Games that ended in a TPK.

** Designates players from one of the first round alternate teams that joined an advancing team in the finals.

To the victors go the hats — Los Hermanos Jabronis

Deadliest Round

RoundTotal PC Fatalities*Total PCsRatio of Fatalities to Total Number of PCs
2 Part 13540**0.9:1
2 Part 2 (Battle Royal)16250.6:1

* “Total PC Fatalities” includes both the total number of times a PC reached 0 hp and the number of PCs that fully bled out.

** Total includes the number of teams that TPK’d during the round. While only five teams made the finals, teams that TPK’d in Round 2 Part 1 were “reset” back at the start of the round with each PC revived with a number of hit points equal to the number of elements mastered multiplied by their Hit Dice. For example, a team who mastered two elements before they TPK’d would be reset with 2HD worth of hit points for each PC.

TPKs by Round and Judge

RoundTPKsTeamsTPK %Top TPK Judges
1103628%Haley Skach (3)
2 Part 13837.5%Haley Skach (2)*
2 Part 2 (Battle Royal)1520%Jim Skach (1)

*As noted above, when a team TPK’d in Round 2 Part 1, they restarted with a healed characters based on how far they progressed in the round before TPKing. Judge Haley’s team managed to TPK twice during the round, resulting in the unique achievement of having the most TPKs in both Round 1 and Round 2!

Deadliest Encounters by Round*

RoundRoomAuthor% of Total PC Fatalities in Round
1Bubble 3 – Jamzsout the Great’s Mad LaboratoryMarzio Muscedere34%
2 Part 1Area 2-3: Into the FireMarc Bruner51%

*Includes stats for Part 1 only, the Part 2 Battle Royal had 100% of the casualties for that part of Round 2.

The very deadly Harley Stroh running a game

Deadliest Judges

JudgeTotal PC FatalitiesTotal PCsRatio of Fatalities to Total Number of Players
Harley Stroh1252.40
Jeff Scifert*1882.25
Haley Skach58391.36
Jason Stierle23171.35
Adam Bokhari1291.33
Jim Skach36301.24
Alaric Legler22191.16
James Pozenel14150.93
Terry Olson24200.93
Eric Daum8140.57
Marc Bruner11200.47
Tim Deschene11190.45
Alan Keim170.14
Davin Kluttz080.00
David Baity**

* New tournament judge this year.

** Judge David did all the work of a tournament judge to get ready for Gen Con 2023, but did not run games.

Most Popular Pre-gens:

  1. Warrior-magician – 28
  2. (Tie) Vat-thing – 27
  1. (Tie) Thief – 27
  2. Wayfarer – 25
  3. Chaotic witch – 18
  4. (Tie) Neutral witch – 16
  1. (Tie) Chaotic magician – 16
  2. Lawful magician – 8

Notable Team Compositions:

  • Turn the Phlogiston to 11: Teams with all four magicians and witches – 1
  • Dueling Luck: Teams with both a wayfarer and a thief – 17
  • Healing Schmealing: Teams without a healer class – 6

Special Awards:

  • What a Debut: Judge Jeff started his tournament debut with a bang, TPKing both teams he judged in Round 1!
  • We Haley Knew You: Judge Haley ran a marathon four games in Round 1, three of which were TPKs, but one team, The Rookies, had the dubious honor of standing above the rest in only taking 2 hours to TPK, the earliest exit from the tournament out of any team!
  • Sandestin Coddling: One of the fun aspects of this year’s tournament was the Lawful magician having access to a sandestin – a powerful creature that could effectuate magic, but at the cost of indenture points that bound the sandestin to the magician’s service. Most of the teams with that pre-gen managed to use their sandestin to solve tricky puzzles or cast magic spells, but judge James’ team, The Royal Bachras, chose not to use their sandestin at all, in retrospect perhaps a decision that might have cost them a higher place.
  • Count Dante Black Belt Part II: Goes to judge Tim for running a record total of 24 official tournament games since joining the tournament team in 2017. Over that same period, judge Tim has also participated in or run multiple playtest sessions, and this year joined the tournament team staff as a co-director, only extending his support of the tournament!
  • The Last One You Would Expect…: Judge Harley is known for running fantastic games for his teams, but in this year’s tournament he also was brutally efficient, recording almost two and a half fatalities for every PC, the highest ratio out of any judge in the tournament!
  • The Buttery Road: While judge Davin worked hard to challenge his players, he ended up running perhaps the easiest games this year, with not a single PC in his two Round 1 games being reduced to 0 hit points!
  • A Spot for Everyone: Both Judge Jim and Judge Alan graciously stepped up to run unofficial games for teams in Round 1 who either did not have enough players and/or were new to DCC and just wanted to play without the pressure of the tournament. While neither appear in the official stats, the deserve our recognition and gratitude for keeping DCC an open and welcoming environment!
  • Something in the Phlogiston: Judge Alaric had three teams reach the finals from his Round 1 events, including the eventual tournament champions, an amazing 75% advancement rate!
  • Invoke Patron Olson – Once again, judge Terry saw this year’s tournament all the way from design to implementation, and played a crucial role during the first flight of Round 1 wrangling all nine tables that were being run simultaneously. His continuous presence (and dashing appearance in his fashionable red capelet) gave all the judges what they needed to make this year’s event so successful!
Terry Olson, the Hero We Deserve
Terry and Tim, Cloaked in Mystery

Complete Stats by Room

Round 1

EncounterAuthorPC Fatalities% of Total PC Fatalities in Round
Bubble 1: Wilderness of the Great White ChupJames Pozenel5531%
Bubble 2: Banking TimeDaniel Bishop169%
Bubble 3: Jamzsout the Great’s Mad LaboratoryMarzio Muscedere6134%
Bubble 4: The Supernal OrreryTim Deschene2413%
Bubble 5: The Grand Pageant of the OverworldJulian Bernick2313%

Round 2 Part 1

EncounterAuthorPC Fatalities% of Total PC Fatalities in Round
Area 2-2: NOTHINGHarley Stroh1543%
Area 2-3: Into the FireMarc Bruner1851%
Area 2-4: Being Grounded in Fluid ConversationMarc Bruner26%
Area 2-5: Elemental Elimination*Terry Olson00%
Area 2-6: Phlogistonize Jamzsout*Terry Olson00%

* Rooms that only two teams reached during the tournament at Gen Con 2023.

Round 2 Part 2

EncounterAuthorPC Fatalities% of Total PC Fatalities in Round
Battle RoyalHarley Stroh16100%

Deadliest Round 1 Flight

FlightTotal FatalitiesTeamsAverage Fatalities Per TeamAverage Luck Lost by Team

Most God Husk Pieces and Extra Time Collected

FlightAverage God Husks Retrieved Per TeamAverage Bonus Time Per Team (Minutes)

Teams that Collected the Most God-Husk Pieces:

  1. Tie – The Vice Squad (5)
  2. Tie – The Esoteric Three (5)
  3. Tie – Los Hermanos Jabronis (4)
  4. Tie – Arazal’s Angels (4)

Teams that Acquired the Most Bonus Time:

  1. Tie – The Vice Squad (30 minutes)
  2. Tie – Shigs (30 minutes)
  3. Tie – The Bills (30 minutes)
  4. Tie – Team Ramrod (30 minutes)
  5. Tie – Things Look Bad (30 minutes)

Teams that Burned the Most Luck:

  1. The Vice Squad (36)
  2. Tie – Brute Smartz (31)
  3. Tie – Bovine Appreciators (31)
Tim Deschene running a game
Haley Skach running a game

All-Time Stats for Judges

JudgeTournament Games JudgedTotal PC FatalitiesTotal PCsRatio of Fatalities to Total Number of PlayersYears Active
Tim Deschene243173281.02017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023
Haley Skach193633521.02019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Marc Bruner171641481.12017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023
Jim Skach173463051.12019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Mike Bolam162071651.32017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Harley Stroh141781621.12017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Eric Daum12931260.72018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023
Terry Olson11125791.62018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023
James Pozenel81591830.92020, 2021, 2022, 2023
Alaric Legler7861080.82022, 2023
Jeff Goad667322.12018, 2019
Jason Stierle673980.72022, 2023
Aaron Koelman536241.52018, 2019, 2022
Rick Hull418200.92017, 2018
Davin Kluttz447730.62022, 2023
Alan Keim435720.52022, 2023
James Walls31791.92019
David Baity324141.72017, 2023
Stefan Flickinger354481.12020, 2021
Adam Bokhari338450.82022, 2023
Jeff Scifert21882.32023
Brian Escobar265760.92022
Michael Grant267870.82022
Mark Wolf255740.72022
Casey Gores241570.72022
Joan Troyer253860.62022
John Roberts245770.62022
Brian Jeffries242750.62022
Brendan LaSalle22100.22021
Clay Liford132321.02020, 2021
Jody Whittle132400.82022
Jon Carnes133480.72022
Jeff Regner117280.62022
Sean Smith130530.62022
Yamil Camacho112250.52022
Jonathon Perkel00002018

1 At Gen Con 2023, only one team managed to collect all five god-husk pieces and finish the round within the starting allotment of 3.5 hours – a remarkable achievement! And only one other team managed to finish the round with all five god-husk pieces, but only after acquiring 30 minutes of bonus time!

2 At Gen Con 2023, the finals came down to four teams still standing after 30 minutes of overtime. After conferring with the lead designer of the Battle Royal, Harley Stroh, the tournament directors decided that a dice off was the only fair way to decide the winner. This precedent was also used in a past tournament when 2018’s Riders on the Phlogiston ended in a two-way tie, ultimately decided by a d20 roll-off in front of the crowd gathered at the Goodman Games booth. For this year’s tournament, teams were awarded bonuses to their roll based on their progress in the tournament and remaining hit points, with a bonus point awarded for the number of god-husk pieces collected in Round 1, the number of elements mastered in round 2 part 1, the number of remaining PCs at the end of the Battle Royal, and for every 10 hit points remaining for the team. Team Ramrod led all teams with +21 bonus to their d20 roll, but in epic fashion rolled a natural “1” on the dice-off, allowing Los Hermanos Jabronis with a +19 bonus to come out on top!

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