Support the GoFundMe for Umerica Creator Reid San Filippo!

You probably know Reid San Filippo of Shield of Faith Studios as the crazily creative mind behind Umerica — the utterly gonzo post-apocalyptic setting “of alien wonder and death: a world ruled by savagery, cruel sorcery, and twisted science.” Umerica is a fan favorite with many DCC gamers, and the creativity and humor baked into the setting makes it an unforgettable experience.

Recently, our friend Reid has been hit with some major health challenges that have meant loss of income and rising medical costs. To receive the day-to-day support he needs, Reid plans a long-distance move to be with family, and you can help make that happen through GoFundMe.

In only a few days Reid has gotten a tremendous amount of support: “Wow, I am just amazed at how much you all have donated. When the idea to start a GoFundMe was first kicked around I had no clue we would get this kind of response. Thank you so very much!”

Now it’s time for the best community in gaming to help meet and exceed Reid’s goal, and show him how much his creative vision has meant to all of us. In addition to his GoFundMe, showing your support by purchasing Shield of Faith’s Umerica products will also go a long way in helping Reid not only financially, but showing him how much his work is appreciated by DCC fans.

Check out the GoFundMe page below, learn Reid’s story, and consider helping however you can.

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