Gen Con 2023 Team Tournament Results – Day One, Flights One and Two

Day One of our Dying Earth Team Tournament Results!

Flights One and Two of Arch-Daihaks of Dying Earth concluded today — that’s Day One wrapped up, which puts us halfway through our First Round, and below we’ve listed all the teams and their final scores.

The top team from each Flight (plus the highest scoring remaining team out of all the Flights) advances to Saturday’s Finals!

Flight One (9am Thursday)

TeamJudgeFinal Score
Judge Al’s TeamAlaric Legler119
The Esoteric ThreeAlan Keim114
The Ochlocratic Autocracy of OhioMarc Bruner97
Oscar StylesDavin Kluttz33
ShigsTim Deschene21
We Dwell in DarknessHaley Skatch0
Brendan’s KidsJason Stierle-16
Judge Jim’s TeamJim Skatch-30
First Custodians of Dying EarthHarley Stroh-108

Flight Two (2pm Thursday)

TeamJudgeFinal Score
The BillsAlaric Legler59
I Have a PlanMarc Bruner25
Vat’s the LimitAdam Bokhari24
Don’t DieEric Daum19
Team GrudgeJames Pozenel14
Mighty WindtuppetsDavin Kluttz3
HulkamaniaJim Skatch-42
The UnknownsJason Stierle-79
The RookiesHaley Skatch-89

Congratulations to Judge Al’s Team and The Bills, who will advance to the Finals! The Esoteric Three are also holding a strong position as the highest scoring second place team — but there’s more Team Tournament gaming to go tomorrow, and things can change!

Thank you to all the participants in this year’s Team Tournament — we hope you’re having a blast!

For more on how the Tournament is structured, have a look at our Tournament Pack. And for all of our Gen Con coverage, visit out Gen Con 2023 headquarters.

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