Xcrawl Insider Submission Guidelines

Xcrawl Insider will be open to your submissions!

One of the exciting things about Xcrawl Insider — the limited-run periodical designed to sprinkle some XCC fun over the weeks and months after the official release of the XCC Core Rulebook and other Kickstarter exclusives — is that it will be open to community submissions!

If that sounds good to you, read on:

Our first requirement is that you actually play Xcrawl Classics! The differences in the world and system for XCC require a level of familiarity to really make them work, so be sure you’ve actually got some XCC experience under your belt before writing your submission! The Xcrawl Classics Gamma Rules can help you get a handle on the game until the core book is released.

Shorter articles are preferred, around 1,000 words or less. All published submissions will be paid a minimum of four cents per word.

General topics of interest will be new rooms or encounters, new magic items and spells, new patrons and DJs, and new monsters perfect for Xcrawl — in fact, anything new that makes sense in Xworld and plays to the unique strengths and themes of XCC will be considered. The opportunity for wildly inventive, satirically humorous, and downright weird contributions to XCC are huge!

A more formalized set of guidelines will be published once XCC is in print (including how to submit!) — but for now, get brainstorming!

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