Revealing the Xcrawl Classics T-Shirt Design!

A Kickstarter Exclusive!

Today we’re featuring the new design of the XCC T-Shirt — as part of the Xcrawl Classics Kickstarter! This Kickstarter exclusive item features “DJ Skull” art from Doug Kovacs — in fact, the same artwork that appears on the Kickstarter Limited Edition XCC Core Rulebook. Add it on to your pledge today and help push the XCC Kickstarter toward it’s next stretch goal unlock — Methadone T-Rex vs. BBQ Children!

Get a deal on this add-on and other great Kickstarter exclusives like seven Foil Cover XCC modules, Xcrawl Insider!, exclusive dice set, Mojo tokens, limited edition XCC RPG hardback, a Judge’s Quick Reference Guide, and more, only through the Xcrawl Classics Kickstarter.

The XCC “DJ Skull” T-Shirt – Kickstarter Exclusive

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