Vintage Paperbacks Return to Our Gen Con Booth!

At the heart of Dungeon Crawl Classics lies a list that first appeared in the Dungeon Master’s Guide many, many years ago. It’s called Appendix N, and in many ways, it’s the guidestone for what we do at Goodman Games.

And we want you to experience it for yourself at Gen Con.

As we have done in the past, we’re bringing the authors of Appendix N and their contemporaries to you in the form of vintage paperback racks loaded with great books. Robert E. Howard! Clark Ashton Smith! Fritz Leiber! Edgar Rice Burroughs! Jack Vance! H.P. Lovecraft! And so many more are there for you to discover and enjoy.

We’re bringing over 1,000 paperbacks to Gen Con, and we want you to stop by the booth and find the ones that call out to you. Discover these amazing novels for the first time, or experience them again for your own pleasure.

The authors of Appendix N and their peers are calling out, and we hope you heed their siren song! We’ll see you in Indy very soon, stop by Booth #109 for a huge selection of Goodman Games products, third party compatible publications, and, of course, fantastic Appendix N fiction!

Be sure to check out more about the authors from Appendix N at our Adventures in Fiction page.

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