See Our Ziggurat at Gen Con!

Something is looming at Gen Con, an ancient presence not felt since 2022. It’s not a pyramid … it’s a Ziggurat!

The Goodman Games Ziggurat was a big hit when it debuted at Origins and Gen Con last year — and this year it’s back! If you have attended a past show in which the Ziggurat was set up then you already know how mighty it is in person! If you have yet to encounter it, then you are surely in for an experience!

The Ziggurat is the centerpiece of the bigger-than-ever Goodman Games booth. It’s a beacon to attract fans from throughout the dealer’s hall, and we can’t wait for you to discover it for yourself.

Of course, it isn’t just eye-catching, it’s also very practical as a place both to store stock, and to summon otherworldly powers such a Mulan the Chaos God, or the magnificent Magician’s Skull — dangerous beings bound by fate to keep an eye on the Goodman Games booth while the regular staff grab lunch.

Drop by Booth #109 at Gen Con next weekend and marvel at the Ziggurat yourself!

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