Vote On The Color for Xcrawl Classics Dice!

Glitter, marble, or swirl? No, we aren’t talking donuts — we’re talking XCC Dice!

We’ve got some great add-ons as part of the Xcrawl Classics kickstarter campaign, like a Judge’s Screen and Reference Guide, Mojo tokens, multiple issues of Xcrawl Insider and even an Xcrawl T-Shirt!

And, of course, we also have a brand new XCC Dice Set! The XCC 14-dice set uses all the same funky dice and DCC RPG, and gives you a complete dice chain ready to go for some XCC gaming. But we want your input on the design!

Vote in our quick poll to finalize the color of this XCC Dice Set – do you like glitter, marble, or swirl?

Here is a better look at the three options of dice for the XCC Kickstarter (link to poll above).

XCC Glitter Dice

XCC Marble Dice

XCC Swirl Dice

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