Revealing Xcrawl Classics #5: Bay City Firestorm!


With the Xcrawl Classics Kickstarter heating up, we’re offering a sneak peek at each of the seven new XCC modules available to backers. Today’s adventure pits the team against a San Francisco crawl where the floor really is lava!

This, along with six other XCC modules, are currently available as part of the Xcrawl Classics Kickstarter — and all of them have the limited run Kickstarter-exclusive foil logos on the cover!

XCC #5: Bay City Firestorm

Get ready for the ultimate Fog of War!

It’s the San Francisco crawl, a venerable staple of the West Coast Xcrawl season, and this year DJ N-10 means to take it to the next level! This dungeon is for Xcrawl Legends ONLY, so stay home if you aren’t sure you are the second coming of Achillies himself! Think you’re ready for a super-sized baseball showdown, the L.A.V.A. monster, and a pinball challenge that must be seen to be believed? All this and much, much more wait the Empire’s Bravest!

And remember – supporting the campaign also lets you pick up kickstarter-specific extras like T-shirts, mojo tokens, and Xcrawl Insider magazines, and, of course, the XCC all-in-one rulebook itself at a savings over MSRP! Plus, the already unlocked stretch goals offering new spells, new monsters, and new magic items will go to all kickstarter-backers!

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