Revealing Xcrawl Classics #3: Please Xcrawl, Don’t Hurt ‘Em!

Panic in Detroit!

With the Xcrawl Classics Kickstarter surging ahead, we’re offering a glimpse at each of the seven new XCC modules available to backers. Today’s adventure’s got war turtles, purge zombies, killy putty, and more — you’d better bring your A-game!

This, along with six other XCC modules, are currently available as part of the Xcrawl Classics Kickstarter — and all of them have the limited run Kickstarter-exclusive foil logos on the cover!

XCC #3: Please Xcrawl, Don’t Hurt ‘Em

Friends, citizens, and monster-slayers! It’s time for the game that has the bobugbu-skills to pay the Bobugbubilz . . . Xcrawl! Now powered by the unstoppable Dungeon Crawl Classics rules engine, Xcrawl is wilder than ever.

DJ Rosie the Riveting invites only the bravest, most cunning, most tenacious adventures to her legendary Detroit event. You KNOW you have to make the scene! But come prepared – she’s got war turtles, purge zombies, killy putty, and more at her disposal. No scrubs need apply!

Please Xcrawl, Don’t Hurt ‘Em is a 3rd level adventure in the Xcrawl setting, designed for 4-7 player characters.

And remember – supporting the campaign also lets you pick up kickstarter-specific extras like T-shirts, mojo tokens, and Xcrawl Insider magazines, and, of course, the XCC all-in-one rulebook itself at a savings over MSRP! Plus, the already unlocked stretch goals offering new spells, new monsters, and new magic items will go to all kickstarter-backers!

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