Still A Few DCC Day Kits Remaining!

Order Now — DCC Day (July 22) is next week!

We still have some DCC Day Kits available for retailers to order – but, with DCC Day right around the corner, they will need to order right away to be sure to get this exclusive product bundle in time for the big day!

What kind of exclusive product? The DCC Day 2023 Adventure Pack will contain two brand new adventures, and it will be available for free at participating retailers. Furthermore, there are also exclusive DCC Day in-store products that will be available at your FLGS: this year’s DCC Day Adventure, MCC: Crash of the Titans, and a new limited edition printing of the MCC Core Rulebook with a glow-in-the-dark cover from Stefan Poag!

Retailers, there is still time to sign up for DCC Day! Participating stores will be added to our Retailer Locator, and they will be able to order DCC Day 2023 Kits at a deep discount: kits full of fantastic, limited edition DCC Day publications that will have fans lining up outside on July 22nd!

Fans — not sure if your favorite local store is participating? Now is the time to ask them while there is still a chance to order these exclusives! Let them know about the benefits, and show them the easy sign up information below:


Sound like fun? Then ask your friendly local gaming store if they are participating in this year’s DCC Day, and if they aren’t sure, suggest they reach out to for the full details.

DCC Day UK/EU and Canada

Retailers, to order from the UK or EU, please email:

Canadian retailers, find your regional rep’s contact information on this page and order from them:  (to register:

The window for getting these kits will soon close — so ask your FLGS about DCC Day today!

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