More “Dungeon Grand Prix” and Other DCC Supplements New In Our Online Store!

Rev your engines and spread your wings — it’s New Release Wednesday!

We’ve got some cool third party DCC-compatible products for you today, all part of continuing product lines from Orbital Intellignece and Father Goose Productions.

First, the latest adventure in the cart-racing madhouse of Dungeon Grand Prix drops the players in a mining town dominated by two (kart racing!) dwarven clans. And Father Goose brings us not only the shape-shifting sequel to his Corvaxian Codex with even more new spells, occupations, and patrons, but a new adventure set in the same world: Rise of the Drachewolf.

Let’s take a look under the hood!

Dungeon Grand Prix : Two Clan Tango

Two Clan Tango is a new 20-page town and adventure set in the world of Dungeon Grand Prix for levels 3 and above!

Two Dwarven clans, each founded by a pair of feuding brothers generations ago, claim a legally enforceable mining claim on the land the town of Suippes sits upon —both know what lies beneath.

Inside you may: Explore the town of Suippes, complete with strange establishments and ever stranger residents. Encounter the two feuding Dwarven expeditions, their assassins, and convoys of karts! Enter the Minor Miner (a Dwarven Mech, full of karts, appearing as a giant dwarf).

Corvaxian Codex 2

Discover a new playable race of shapeshifters known as the Corvaxian, plus new spells, occupations, a new patron and variant class, and more!

Corvaxian Codex 2 expands on the content presented in the original Corvaxian Codex with more Occupations, more spells, a brand-new Patron, variant class, and more! Delve deeper into the history of the corvaxian. Learn about their origins and culture, and discover new creatures that share their home in the Frozen North.

Rise of the Drachenwolf: A Corvaxian Adventure

Rise of the Drachenwolf functions as either a Funnel Adventure for 0-level corvaxian characters, or as a level 1 adventure where the band encounters the corvaxian for the first time. Journey to the neighboring firbolg village, face a dragon to reclaim a lost artifact, and build alliances to push back against the horde of the Drachenwolf!

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