Dragons With Nun-Chucks? Xcrawl Classics is Coming to Kickstarter!

Gonzo gaming hits a whole new level!

There are of course many ways to DCC — and Xcrawl is the wildest we’ve ever seen! Ahead of the upcoming kickstarter (follow now!) for this all new, fully DCC-compatible edition of Xcrawl Classics, we wanted to unpack the ways that this Xtreme Dungeon Crawl differs from your run-of-the-mill RPG.

The big crawl streams live tonight on Empire One Television. How will your favorite team do? Tune in to Xcrawl Classics to find out!

Welcome to Xcrawl, a fantasy world where the most popular sport is livestreamed Xtreme Dungeon Crawling! Professional adventurers team up to challenge a Dungeon Judge, or DJ, in a manufactured dungeon with the whole event streamed live on spell phones Empire-wide!

The DJ builds a dungeon inside an arena with all the classic elements: horrific monsters, lethal traps, enticing treasures, magical hazards, secret doors, puzzles, and more. The DJ forces strategic thinking by manufacturing improbable situations that simply could not be discovered in a standard fantasy setting: warhorses with trapped exploding saddles, hang-gliding velociraptors, jello golems bursting through brick walls, and goblin go-kart races!

The players crawl their way through the DJ’s dungeon, winning battles, collecting fabulous prizes, and powering up with magic treasure – while plugging their sponsors, posing for the cameraman, and taking selfies for the audience! 

Successful crawl teams become superstar influencers, rich on endorsement deals and riding the celebrity lifestyle. Unsuccessful crawlers die in the dungeon as yesterday’s news, or, if they’re lucky, retire injured to a sideshow living as a referee or backstage monster handler.

Most importantly, Xcrawl is fun – monster-slaying, sports-car-winning, crowd-pumping, face-on-the-cereal-box dungeon fun!

Follow the kickstarter for Xcrawl Classics now, and be ready when it launches — pledges within the first 48-hours will get some great bonus items!

Written by Brendan LaSalle, this new edition of Xcrawl is completely compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game, and has in fact been rebuilt from the ground up to embody the DCC spirit. Featuring new cover art by Doug Kovacs, it will have the look and feel of DCC, with all the live-on-pay-per-view TV drama of the Xcrawl experience!

Xcrawl Classics is perfect to run as a tournament-style adventure for many players!

Follow now and be ready for the early bird pledge bonus!

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