Free RPG Day is Today!

Free RPG Day is NOW!

Gaming stores around the world are celebrating our favorite hobby today — be sure to stop in and join the fun, with a heaping side order of FREE to go along with it!

Participating retailers have a treasure trove of new and exclusive RPG adventures, previews, and accessories on hand to provide an unparalleled day of roleplaying celebration for every fan that visits.

This year’s Free RPG Day DCC module is Daniel J. Bishop’s Piercing the Demon’s Eye, a classic deathtrap style dungeon crawl for six to eight 2nd-level characters. It will be available for free at participating Free RPG Day retailers — but only while supplies last! Below you can see a PDF sample of the adventure, as well as download pre-gen characters for it.

Free RPG Day is an amazing event, and your FLGS is participating because of their love of the hobby and their customers. It’s a chance to be a part of the greater role-playing game community and express your love for your favorite hobby. At least, we hope it’s your favorite hobby, because we know it’s ours.

*When using the Retailer Locator below, be advised that it does not filter results based on participation — if you use the locator to find your area stores, you may still wish to query them in regards to their participation in Free RPG Day.

This is a deadly adventure, in which all classes will be tested, but those who venture herein without a thief are surely doomed. This adventure is a classic deathtrap dungeon, and the judge is encouraged to allow monsters and deadly traps to do their worst. The adventure is also entirely survivable, depending upon the choices made by the players.

A century ago, disaster struck. Monath Ot lost the Serpent Ring, and with it his connection to Io-Set. Monath Ot yet lives, and long ago revenged himself upon the bold thief who stole the artifact from his finger while he slumbered in lotus dreams. Although they do not appear in this adventure, the Serpent Ring and Monath Ot may reappear to trouble the world—and the PCs—at a later time!

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