New DCC Zines and Funnels in the Online Store!

From the harrowing to the humorous, from the Grim Dark to the Grand Prix, from funnels, encounters, and NPCs, to classes, spells, patrons, and settings — there are a ton of great DCC-compatible third party publications newly released in the Online Store today!

Let’s take a look!

The Siege of Bonemoore Keep

A 0-level funnel adventure

The Thrallmaster’s hordes come… are you ready for the Siege of Bonemoore?

The call to arms does not always come to warriors, and fate has found your humble party in Bonemoore Keep when the ghastly armies of the Thrallmaster attack. Faced with demonic fury without and mysterious sorcery within the Keep, will you survive to carry the day and start a career in intrepid Dungeon Crawling?

The Siege of Bonemoore Keep is a new 0-level funnel for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG game system written by Mihailo Tesic and published by Purple Duck Games. In this 3-part challenging adventure, the situation is desperate, and the players must do what they can to repulse an oncoming threat of fanatical enemies, without much in the way of resources or training. As the harrowing story continues, they must enter the inner Keep and seek the Lord Farwall, whose dire inheritance can save the castle- and the world!

Battlefields, dungeons, puzzles, and sinister laboratories await those who survive – The Siege of Bonemoore Keep!

Crawling North: Norse Myth & Magic No. 1

Introducing Crawling North Issue No. 1, the first step into the cold harsh world of Norse legend! This 24 page issue takes you on a thrilling journey through Viking Myth and Norse legends, featuring Odin, the Berserkr class, and a twisted undead monster to throw fear into the hearts of your bravest players, the Draugr. For those wishing to follow Odin as a patron, you’ll have access to three new spells, the taints and spell burn tables that accompany them.

We put a fresh new take on the Berserkr class so you don’t feel like you are just playing another angry warrior. This issue also includes occupations and a provisions list, ensuring you have everything you need to survive in the harsh and unforgiving Norse wilderness. And let’s not forget Gungnir, Odin’s legendary spear, now available as an artifact for you to wield (well for a short time anyway).

Dungeon Grand Prix : Dagon in 60 Seconds

Dungeon Grand Prix: Dagon in 60 Seconds is a 36-page funnel, adventure, town, hexcrawl, and wild heist set in the world of Dungeon Grand Prix.

For one reason or another, the zeroes have fallen afoul of one (or more!) of the degenerate Lords Dagon. Capricious, cruel, and more than a little crazed, the Lords Dagon offer the unfortunate zeroes a choice: either steal fifty high-end karts from the various Krewes of New Solera in a single night, or drown in the Eibon bay. They have twelve hours.

Failure carries the promise of an imminent and painful death not only for the zeroes, but for their entire families and indeed anyone who ever shook their hand or sold them a po-boy.

Inside you may:

  • Find 50 wild new karts to steal.
  • Drag-race star vampires.
  • Partake in Block Parties!
  • Be abducted by Grey Aliens

Over 110 ridiculous hexes including: Giant Crocodiles wandering into the road, Skyscrapers of Giant Wasps, Parade Floats of Pirate Ships, and autobody shops operated by Giant Frogs.

Judge Phil’s Zine of Goodies – Volume 3 – Downtime Delights & Dangers

Are you ready to take your DCC sessions to the next level? Ever find your players struggling with what they should do during downtime? Well, our third and FINAL issue of Judge Phils’ ZINE of GOODIES is EXACTLY what you’re looking for!

This issue has tons of new and delightful treats for both judges and players alike. Some of these delicious decadents include:

  • New Class – The Were-Raptor G-Person
  • New System – Real Estate Investing
  • New System – Stand-Up Comedy
  • New System – Armored Advertising Agency
  • New Dungeon – Boulder Mine
  • New Dungeon – Horse Warranty Department

Why wait when you could be enjoying all of the delights from the FINAL installment of Judge Phils’ ZINE of GOODIES!

Hillwood Camp

The North Road leads from Stennard to Hastrull, traversing the Mangled Hills. A westerly spur, known as Hillwood Trail, splits off from the main road into rich, densely wooded foothills. This heavily worn track terminates at Hillwood Camp, a rugged haven for those that fervently embrace self-sufficiency and self-determination. They are known for a strong familial vibe within the camp and they passionately distrust outsiders.

Hillwood Camp is a DCC RPG compatible encounter location for any number of characters levels 0-4th.

It contains:

  • 9 camp encounter locations 
  • 3 detailed NPCs
  • 30 rumors
  • 10 codes of the woodsfolk
  • 10 superstitions
  • 7 “test” training encounters for woodsy PCs

This zine is a companion to The Precipice of CorruptionThe Stennard Courier Vol. 1, and Cleft in the Mangled Hills zines. Each is connected to the town of Stennard, and the NPCs in this zine reference those connections. However, this can be used as a stand-alone product if you just want a woodsfolk camp.

Around the Common Fire

This DCC compatible pamphlet contains a table of 12 NPCs that the PCs may talk to or hire. The chart is broken out into lawful, neutral, and chaotic NPCs, with 4 of each. Nine of the NPCs are 0-level peasants, and 3 of them are 1st level characters. Each has brief details surrounding their personalities, motivations, and a 1-2 line backstory to tie them to the region around Stennard.

This is a great companion piece to The Stennard Courier Vol. 1, or to fill out a party heading into The Precipice of CorruptionAround the Common Fire is suitable for levels 0-3.

Desperation of the Hungry

Famine has taken hold in the region around Stennard. Desperation and anger are rising. Recently, Ohlnicks Muttwrangler has been the target of this frustration. Most know his stead is full of well-fed canines. Some are demanding he give up his pack so they can fill their bellies, particularly those who’ve grown tired of mashed typha root and cranberries.

Furious that both the Constable and the Protectorate refuse to intervene, a violent upstart named Allor Onehanded has decided to take matters in hand. He gathered a small gang of the young and volatile to seize some of the Muttwrangler’s dogs. He will not be satisfied by offers of bread or mash. He intends to feed on meat tonight.

Desperation of the Hungry is a DCC RPG compatible introductory encounter for 8-12 0-level characters or 4-6 1st level characters. It should take 1.5-2 hours to complete. The encounter takes place at the edge of the town of Stennard, with the action focused on the Muttwrangler House. Having a copy of The Stennard Courier Vol. 1 can enrich the experience, but is not essential to running this encounter. Instead, this encounter can be placed in any town or village at a house by a stream.

The Coinswallower

The famine around Stennard has resulted in many displaced visitors, looking for work. Many find their way to The Lost Traveler Common House. One peculiar guest at The Lost Traveler has drawn the attention of the desperate townsfolk of Stennard. Under their breath, he has been dubbed, the Coinswallower. Some believe he must be hiding wealth in his stomach. because he has been seen vomiting up coins on more than one occasion.

This a pamphlet-sized, DCC RPG compatible encounter set in the region around Stennard. It is meant to be played as a location, possible henchman, and side quest murder mystery. It is basic enough to be used in any setting, or it can be tied to The Stennard Courier Vol. 1 and The Precipice of Corruption. It does reference a cursed item detailed in The Tome of Debasement, but having the full details of this item are not necessary to get the full intrigue that this encounter offers.

The Coinswallower is suitable for levels 0-2.

The Icon Bearer

The Icon Bearer is a player character class for DCC RPG.

  • Full rules for playing Icon Bearers in your DCC games.
  • Unique rules for Iconic Deeds of Arms, which, when failed, can incur Disapproval.
  • Unique Icon Bearer Equipment Table (based on a copper standard).
  • Unique rules for Followers of the True Believer, where your PC maintains henchmen at all times.

This is the fourth installment in a collection of mini zines perfect for home and convention games. No need to pass books around the table. Do you need the rules for your class during the game? Here they are in a nice compact format.

Icon Bearers are a “you’re no hero” style paladin. Part holy warrior, part unwavering demagogue, Icon Bearers are a warrior variant that can use Iconic Deeds of Arms to please (or displease!) their deity, and who draw followers to the their banner to help spread their faith or heresy.

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