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This year’s Free RPG Day (June 24th) module is Daniel J. Bishop’s Piercing the Demon’s Eye, a classic deathtrap style dungeon crawl for six to eight 2nd-level characters, and we’re offering the first few pages of the module as a free sample. We hope these opening pages whet your appetite for more!

This is a deadly adventure, in which all classes will be tested, but those who venture herein without a thief are surely doomed. This adventure is a classic deathtrap dungeon, and the judge is encouraged to allow monsters and deadly traps to do their worst. The adventure is also entirely survivable, depending upon the choices made by the players.

A century ago, disaster struck. Monath Ot lost the Serpent Ring, and with it his connection to Io-Set. Monath Ot yet lives, and long ago revenged himself upon the bold thief who stole the artifact from his finger while he slumbered in lotus dreams. Although they do not appear in this adventure, the Serpent Ring and Monath Ot may reappear to trouble the world—and the PCs—at a later time!

This module will be available at participating Free RPG Day retailers — ask your FLGS is they are participating in this year’s fun!

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