Support the Third Party Kickstarter for the Deck of Mighty Peasant Deeds and Blood & Thunder!

Grab your rolling pin and pitchfork — it’s Mighty Peasant Deeds time!

New from Marzio Muscedere is a kickstarter for Mighty Peasant Deeds! Select from the deck, the book, even the Ultimate Book — adding these Mighty Peasant Deeds to your zero level games almost makes these zeroes look like heroes!

The Deck of Mighty Peasant Deeds – A full deck of 96 tarot sized playing cards printed on premium color card stock. Each of the zero-level occupations presented on Table 1-3 in the DCC RPG Core Rulebook has its own corresponding card featuring their occupation specific Mighty Peasant Deed.

The Book of Mighty Peasant Deeds – All 96 Mighty Peasant Deeds and glorious artwork presented in a black and white 8.5 x 11 softcover book.  Available in both PDF and POD.

Blood and Thunder: The Ultimate Book of Mighty Deeds – The definitive collection of over 150 Mighty Deeds of Arms in a magnificently illustrated black and white 8.5 x 11 softcover book. Available in both PDF and POD. 

That means you get every deed from The Book of Mighty Peasant Deeds, every deed from Steel and Fury, and every Tandem Deed from the world of Lankhmar. Plus brand new deeds torn straight from the pages of Appendix N fantasy. 

Each deed is accompanied by the corresponding Appendix N passage it was taken from. So you can read your favorite literary Appendix N heroes in action, and see the actual inspiration that lead to the creation of the deed.


Quite simply, a Mighty Peasant Deed allows your zero-level characters the ability to perform exciting stunts and combat maneuvers by using a quick and streamlined version of the fantastic Mighty Deed of Arms mechanic from the DCC RPG ruleset.

Each zero-level occupation is represented with their very own Mighty Peasant Deed that utilizes their starting weapon and trade good in what can only be described as some of the most outlandish and often devastating combat results your literary Appendix N heroes could only have hoped to achieve.


Prior to any attack roll, a zero-level character can declare a Mighty Peasant Deed. This Peasant Deed is a dramatic combat maneuver that utilizes the character’s starting trade good and trained weapon to produce devastating and often hilarious results.

A zero-level character’s deed die determines the Deed’s success. All zero-level characters utilize a d6 deed die. If their deed die comes up as a 6 and the attack lands (e.g., the total attack roll exceeds the target’s AC), the Mighty Peasant Deed succeeds.

Note that unlike the warrior and dwarf, a zero-level character’s deed die does not modify the character’s attack and damage rolls. It is solely used to determine if the Peasant Deed succeeds or fails.


In addition to the desired Deed effect, each Deed entry also allows for the opportunity to achieve a Mighty Fumble or Mighty Critical. These are both good and bad effects specific to the Deed attempted, and result in wildly horrific or heroic outcomes.

Fortune after all, favors the bold!

A Mighty Fumble occurs when a natural roll of 1 is made on both the character’s attack die and deed die results. The Mighty Fumble result is used in place of a regular fumble result.

A Mighty Critical is achieved when a character successfully scores a critical hit with their attack die and rolls the highest possible result on their deed die. The Mighty Critical result is used in place of a normal critical hit result.

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