Support the Third Party Kickstarter for The Technomancer of Candy Mountain!

From Dragon Peak Publishing and Stefan Surratt comes The Technomancer of Candy Mountain, a Mutant Crawl Classics level 3 sandbox adventure (and class!) inspired by Adventure Time and Willy Wonka. The Kickstarter also includes a zine: Marvels of the Multiverse, with loads of extras for your MCC campaign.

  • Marvels of the Multiverse – A new funnel: The Millennials Awaken, Benisons and Dooms to provide seekers with unique fates, rules for Mutation Duels, The Jungle Juice Drinker; a new Pure-Strain Human class that allows players to create potions that briefly mutate their PC.
  • The Technomancer of Candy Mountain – A level-3 adventure that takes the PCs high up into the Candy Mountains, a domain where intelligent candy-based lifeforms have inadvertently evolved thanks to the actions of a man named Wuza Wylder. Sing with the Uumpese peoples, fight corporate robo-coppers, take a side for or against worker exploitation, and become a candy person!
  • Castronaut Patch – Get this iron-on patch of a grumpy space kitty.
  • OSR No WOTC No Masters Patch – Get this iron-on patch as a part of the Day 1 deal or as an add-on! For day 1 backers, you just need to pledge at a physical tier to receive this.
  • New Shirts – Get the new Gongfarmer: Born to Reave (in light blue) or the OSR No Masters shirt (in red) available from sizes S-5XL.
  • Stretch Goal (Academia Arcana RPG) – This stretch goal adds a new DCC-system/setting set in the wizard school genre.  These beta-rules are 76 pages long, include a new class, an adventure, and a ton of random table to help you generate mysteries and adventures for the setting. Feedback will be welcomed and appreciated so that the rules can be streamlined for an eventual release. If we reach this stretch goal, all backers will receive this, even if they only pledge $1.
  • Stretch Goal (Additional MCC Content) – These stretch goals will add additional content to either Marvels of the Multiverse or The Technomancer of Candy Mountain.

Take a look at a spread from Marvels of the Multiverse and the awesome map from The Technomancer of Candy Mountain!

And there are plenty of add-ons to help unlock those stretch goals for additional MCC content! Take a gonzo ride through an insane future in The Technomancer of Candy Mountain.

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