Final Week for Lankhmar Bundle of Holding!

Don’t let this deal slip away into the night!

Just like Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, these two DCC Lankhmar bundles bring twice the adventure and twice the fun. Whether you choose the Lankhmar Thieves bundle, the DCC Lankhmar bundle, or both (!), this is a terrific way to jump feet first into the world of DCC Lankhmar!

Starting things off for as low as $17.95 (retail value: $71.00), is the Lankhmar Thieves bundle. This collection of low-level modules set in Fritz Leiber’s incredible world of roguery and strange magic, centers around the PDF version of the Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar Boxed Set tournament adventure — which includes a wealth of additional material, player’s and Judge’s packs, a map used for a rooftop chase through Lankhmar, even a bonus adventure designed to be played by characters who have died! The bundle also includes 7 more DCC Lankhmar modules including the DCC Day 2020 Adventure Pack, and the Madhouse Meet from Free RPG Day 2016.

But we’re just getting started! The DCC Lankhmar bundle takes things even further, including both a Starter Collection for as low as $14.95 (retail value $47.00) and an additional bonus collection, unlocked when you pledge more than $24.95, and offering even more adventures valued at $56.00 — that’s a total retail value of $103.00, for less than a quarter of the cover price through Bundle of Holding!

The Starter Bundle includes everything you need to start playing in the world of Lankhmar in PDF form — including of course the Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar Boxed Set, which is packed full of manuals and extras, even including a bonus starting adventure. But, by raising your pledge by just $10, you unlock the rest of the DCC Lankhmar Collection, which includes 6 more modules for both low and high level play, and background supplements adding more encounters and setting-specific details. Go all in, and you’ll get 10 titles for as low as $24.95 — a $103.00 value!

Or get both DCC Lankhmar bundles for as low $42.90 — and receive a massive PDF bundle valued at $174.00!

And, as always with these amazing Bundle of Holding deals, a percentage of your offer goes to charity — and you always have the option to pledge above the minimum price and help a great cause. The Goodman Games Lankhmar Bundles of Holding benefit the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, a charity that fights food insecurity and hunger and serves over 50,000 households.

An amazing deal in a classic setting — and all for a good cause. This is the perfect way to get started in DCC Lankhmar, so what are you waiting for?!?

Now entering it’s final week!

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