DCC Reference Booklet and New DCC Zines In The Online Store!

From viking adventures to barnyard horror, from rock and role-playing to the return of a classic DCC RPG reference, there are some great new releases heating up the online store today!

The newly-updated and, now, Goodman Games-published DCC Reference Booklet is now available — its full of the most commonly used tables and info for DCC, and arranged for quick reference and fast-access. Speed up your games, and empower new players with this classic reference guide!

And let our third party publishers take you on some wild adventures with the latest in creatively outside-the-box DCC-compatible supplements and modules!

Let’s take a look!

DCC RPG Reference Booklet

A Judge’s Best Friend Gets a New Edition!

Judging can be hard work, but not with the DCC RPG Reference Booklet at your side. This book collects most of the commonly consulted DCC RPG tables in a single volume, making it perfect for quickly finding the information you need to keep your game running smoothly. Regardless of whether you’re a judge or a player, you’ll find the Reference Booklet equally useful, containing almost 60 important tables and charts right at your fingertips.

The DCC RPG Reference Booklet has been around for nearly a decade and judges near and far swear by it. You’ll find it an indispensable additional to your DCC RPG toolbox, no matter if you’re running your first game or your one hundred and first. It’s like leveling up without the pesky XP cost. This new edition published by Goodman Games uses the gender-neutral language common to the 10th Printing of Dungeon Crawl Classics.

A reference booklet with all the commonly-used charts from the DCC RPG. Features new cover art by Doug Kovacs and interior illustrations by Stefan Poag.

Critical Hit Parader Zine Issue No.1

Tabletop roleplaying game content in the spirit of vintage rock magazines from the ’70s and ’80s

Workshop of the Telescopes – This Blue Öyster Cult themed adventure is designed for Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) but easy to adapt for other systems. What starry wisdom can you discover within the abandoned laboratories of an alchemist/astronomer? 

Magna of Illusion – This new DCC supernatural patron is a mirror of blackness. It grants its agents the power to become actors in history, heeding its riddling voice to feed its hunger. Includes new patron spells and patron taint effects.

Crit Profile – a profile of Loot the Body, the one-man band who makes songs and videos inspired by classic sci-fi, fantasy, and D&D. Delivered in the irreverent style of Creem Profiles.

Appendix LP – where Appendix N was the list of books that inspired Gary Gygax to create D&D, Appendix LP is an article discussing the classic bands and albums that serve as inspiration for music-loving gamers.

Runestone of Souls

King Storolf Hagisson of Denmark has issued a call. His only daughter has fallen victim to a supernatural disease. He has bound his most trusted heroes to an oath to find the nearly-forgotten Runestone of Souls in a desperate effort to save her.

This short adventure is targeted for a single convention-length session. It is set in the Tribes of the North campaign setting, which is a subset of the Pax Lexque campaign world.

Farmyard Fatalities: Two Book Set

Strange lights were seen in the sky over the Nazuk Farm just outside of town—followed by bloodcurdling screams of terror! The screams died out almost as quickly as they came. The strange lights have been seen in the sky since—but the Nazuk Family have not. Will you brave the terrors of the night and discover the source of these inexplicable happenings?

Farmyard Fatalities: Book One This zero-level funnel molds that horde of nameless rabble into true adventurers – featuring more than ten new monsters to overcome, new magic items, detailed maps, and the all-new patron…Stach-Tarum!

Farmyard Fatalities: Book Two consists of a mini-hexcrawl adventure for use with the main adventure found in Farmyard Fatalities: Book One (or as a stand-alone adventure). This book also includes appendices containing further information on the magic items found within both books of the Farmyard Fatalities two-book set along with patron information for the mighty Stach-Tarum.

Over 75 pages of content combined!

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