Congrats For Finding The Special IOUN Stones

Not that long ago we mentioned that there were some special IOUN Stones Dice Sets out there, and told you to be on the lookout for them. And you were….

Congratulations to David Morgan and Ross Jackson for locating two of the special sets! They’ll be getting a special prize from Goodman Games and Impact!

A typical IOUN Stones Dice Set has seven dice colors (colors for specific dice vary between sets, but all sets use the same seven colors), corresponding to the seven colors described by Jack Vance in his Dying Earth stories (Red/Blue, Lavender, Carmine, Pink, Iridescent Blue, Pink/Green, and Pale Green). But if you look closely, a very small number of IOUN Stones Dice Sets actually have two different colorations for the Iridescent Blue die – one translucent and one opaque (see the picture below for an example). There are ten of these Special Sets with two different blue dice.

That’s right…ten. And so far, only two have been located. So if you are one of the other fortunate customers to discover one of these special sets, be sure to let us know!

If you are one of the lucky few chosen by fate to be the holder of one of these Special Sets, all you have to do is take a picture of all 14 dice in your set, along with the tube the set came in (as in the product photograph), and send an email to

Special Sets have two different variants of Iridescent Blue: Translucent (d7 above) and Opaque (d16 above) Colors in other sets can appear on any die shape.

Author: pandabrett

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