Last Call for Guesses in Our Dice Contest!

Deadline for guesses is this Tuesday, May 23rd

If there is one thing all gamers can agree with, it’s the need for more dice! Thanks to all those fans out there who snatch up the latest and coolest dice sets almost as fast as we can stock them — we always seem to be placing orders for more just as soon as the latest batch hits the warehouse!

We ran a previous contest where you were asked to guess how many dice were in a shipment, and it proved extremely popular. Since we have another (big!) dice shipment coming in via our manufacturer Impact Miniatures, we figured we’d give fans another chance to guess how many dice are in a shipment.

This time around it’s a bit like a 5th grade word problem: remember when Olivia had oranges and Daniel had apples and you had to figure out how many bananas were left? Well, this time Impact has dice AND miniature bases on their pallets. In the interest of fair play, we’ll go ahead and let you know how many miniature bases are in the shipment, and you just guess how many dice take up the rest of the shipment. Easy, right?

In the photo below there are three huge pallets of loose dice and miniature bases. The total weight is more than 1.5 tons. There are 100,000 miniature bases in these 3 pallets. The rest of the shipment is dice.

So, how many dice are in this shipment?

We’ve got a lot of good guesses so far (and a few silly ones), but you’ve only got until Tuesday May 23rd to get your brilliant best estimate to us in time to win! Closest guess wins a whole lot of free dice! Email your guesses to, and good luck!

(house shown for scale)

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