Learn DCC Publishing at War of the Cyclops Con!

Want to make your own DCC publication? Stop by for an informative chat!

The fantastic adventures, supplements, zines, and other third party produced products that are fully DCC-or MCC-compatible continues to grow! Maybe it’s time you added your personal vision to the broader universe of licensed third party products out there, and presented the world with your own unique facet of the Dungeon Crawl Classics experience!

If so, this Sunday afternoon (at 1:00 pm) we are having a social ‘mixer’ just for you — an interactive event through Gather.Town’s Inn of the Slumbering Drake that will not only provide some expert instruction on how the DCC Third Party Publishing license works and strategies for design and publishing, but will allow you to ask questions and converse with our hosts.

So get your questions and your notebook ready for this Sunday! For more interactive social hour events (such as the DCC 101 Q&A session this Saturday) be sure to check out our full Gather.Town schedule for War of the Cyclops Con.

War of the Cyclops Con is this weekend — if you haven’t already, you may still pick up a Badge and register for Open Games and join us for this weekend of virtual gaming as well as fun and informative media events on Twitch and Gather.Town.

We hope to see you this weekend!

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