DCC Core Rulebook Goes to 10th Printing

Happy 10th Printing, Everyone!

Thanks to absolutely amazing, record-breaking sales for Dungeon Crawl Classics this year, the Goodman Games warehouses are starting to look a little empty! In fact, we’ve sold out of our copies of the most recent softcover print run of the DCC RPG Core Rules (your local retailer, of course, may still have some!), and hardcover stocks are looking pretty skimpy as well.

Which is why the 10th Printing of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Core Rulebook, both in softcover and hardcover, has just gone to print! This 10th Printing of DCC RPG uses the same gender-neutral text that appeared in the softcover 9th Printing, (for an in-depth look at the many editions and print runs of DCC, be sure to visit our latest Reprint Registry) across both the soft- and hardcover versions of the book.

And check this out — the PDF of the 10th Printing of DCC RPG will be updated to include hyperlink navigation, making finding what you need and moving between sections of the rules an absolute breeze.

Plus, to celebrate the special nature of this 10th Printing, we’ll be announcing even more exciting details to come – including some amazing alternate covers and more!

Look for the all new 10th Printing — both softcover and hardcover — in stores and online in about four months.

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