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Nick Baran and Breaker Press Games are back with another adventure zine kickstarter in the Stennard Setting for DCC – and it’s already fully-funded! Tragedy at Wood-witch Rise is a DCC RPG compatible adventure for 5-7 1st level characters, or 10-14 0-level characters if you’d like to use it as funnel. It should take 2-3 hours to complete. The encounter takes place deep in the woods off of the North Road, about 2-3 hours north of Stennard.

Stennard is a grimdark, survival-horror setting created for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG  by Nick Baran. Stennard does contain some mature themes that are best suited for those 13+, and parental guidance is encouraged. This adventure can be dropped into any wood near any town, or of course used with the author’s other material in the Stennard Setting to flesh out a campaign.

All the children in Stennard know that they shouldn’t play in the Whispering Wood, especially around Wood-witch Rise. The Rise is a place notorious for mysterious disappearances and horrific accidents. To impulsive youth, however, stories are just stories… 

Renowned for her bravery and adventurous spirit, Anise Muttwrangler joined a group of children into the Whispering Wood. On a dare she climbed to the top of Wood-witch Rise. She stood before the enormous tree that dominates it’s crown to celebrate her triumph in front of the children below. That’s when the stories suddenly bore weight.

Standing among shrieking children demanding that you follow them into the Whispering Woods. From what you can gather from the frantic shouting is that fearless Anise Muttwrangler needs immediate help, and that the wood-witch is real. 

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